10 Pure CSS3 Animated Loaders and Spinners


Have you noticed that recently loaders and spinners are used all over the web? They are used in apps and websites to add a pinch of beauty while the user is waiting the content to be loaded. Using a loader is a great alternative to the boring “Loading…” message.

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Creative Focus: Robert Romanowicz


Today I would like to introduce you the talented and creative illustrator Robert Romanowicz whose work is beautiful, colourful and captivating. Born in Milicz, living in Wroclaw, Poland, Robert is now working as an architect. He has graduated in parallel from Wroclaw Univeristy of Technology and from The School of Advertising

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Ink Maze illustrations by Maria Tiurina


The campaign is for a drink which helps you fall asleep so Maria decided to create highly detailed ink illustrations which are themed under different environments – plane, camping and home interior. The idea of these illustrations is to show how the annoying and distracting sounds would get lost in a maze of obstacles when you have that magical drink and you will be able to take a nap.

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