Quick Photoshop Tips: Skin & Eyes

Every designer has to fix some images every now and then. The most challenging retouching is when you have to edit images that are featuring people. To be honest, skin retouch can really go...


30 Creative Bird Logo Designs for Inspiration

Birds have also been widely adopted in commerce and the message there is very clear as they have been used as a trademarks for airlines and publishers. The logos below are just a small part of the usage of bird as a trademark symbol, some are metaphoric, and others are just found marks.


Mono Social Icons Font

Mono Social Icons font is a new webfont based on Mono Social Icons created by Ivan Drinchev. This webfont font consists of approximately 100 social icons in three variations in one webfont. – regular, circled and rounded.


Free Font of the Day: Kraftstoff Typeface

Kraftstoff Typeface is based on antique gas pump meters. It is a great typeface that can be used as a display font and in badges, stamps or logos. It has a distinctive look and feels a bit retro and modern at the same time.


Icon-Works: A beautifully crafted icon font

Icon fonts are extremely popular and preferred nowadays by many web designer because of their adaptability and flexibility. Icon-Works is a great example of a carefully crafted and beautiful icon font.


Top 5 Freebies of the day

Whether you are experienced designer who prefers to design everything from the icons to the whole layout, or if you a beginner who starts to learn the ropes, these 5 free resources might be useful in the long term.