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Petia Koleva

I am Petia Koleva and I am doing web and graphic design. I also like to experiment in infographics and motion graphics design. I graduated @ Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland – BDes (Hon) Design for Digital Media. I have two design awards: BP Design Award 2012 @ Gray’s School of Art and RGU Purchase Prize Award.

I am very passionate about design and I share my passion on designify.me. Designify aims to be a place on the web where you can be inspired and find useful resources for your design project. As I am a web designer myself, I admit that most of the stuff posted here is for web designers but I am trying to find other different stuff to satisfy not only web designers.

For a quick message find me @ rolltop.io

If you would like to contact me, you can send me an email to support[at]designify.me or fill in the form below:

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