25 Superb After Effects Tutorials

After Effects is one of the many Adobe programs that allows designers to unleash their creativity. If you haven’t used it before, I would suggest you give it a try as it will open a new world for you. You probably have seen all these kinetic typography animations that used to be trendy a few years ago or the amazing infographics that are still widely used to present useful information or company services.

If you already started you know how addictive it can be. You start creating something small and then you want to learn to do more and more. Especially if you start using some of the great After Effects plugins.

Apart for typography videos and infographics, After Effects also can be used to edit videos, add effects to footage and many more. After effects gives a totally new perspective for every creative person.

In the selection of tutorials below, you will find some superb After Effects tips and tricks on how to create different creative work, paying with graphics, text and footage. Some of them are for beginners, others for advanced users. I hope you will find something great to learn today.

Jittery Type After Effects

Dan Stevers explains how to create a subtle text movement in this great tutorial. This technique can be used for title sequences, animation or for whatever project you find it useful for.
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3D Splatter Text Effects

A great tutorial from Idwansyah Said which will show you how to create a splatter effect on text. Splatters are widely used in typographic animations and are still trendy.

Broken Text Animation

Funday TV presents a new tutorial on how to create a slick broken text animation with CC Pixel Polly. Just follow the tutorial and you will have a great broken text animation

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Typography Motion Tutorial – Part 1

Part 1 of a thorough and excellent tutorial on Typography motion. Everything is explained in detail and easily understood. A lot interesting stuff is covered. Allow yourself an hour for this tutorial.

Typography Motion Tutorial – Part 2

Second part of the great Typography Motion tutorial. Boutaib Yassine explains futhermore the techniques of creating this type of animation. Another 40 minutes of After Effects knowledge.

Type On Text Effect

A very simple tutorial, suitable for beginners, explaining how to create a clean typo on text effect which looks modern and stylish.

Smoke Text Effects

A tutorial that is suitable for beginners, showing how to create a contemporary and eye-catchy smoke text effect. Make sure that you download the project files and needed items before you get started:
Link 1: http://goo.gl/jVYH84
Link 2: http://goo.gl/4d26Pj

Soft Light behind Text

Another great tutorial from Funday TV presenting how to create a subtle soft light behind a text. Suitable for beginners.

80’s-like Glowing Neon Text

Rendaa Studios created a tutorial that will teach you how to create a 3D text made up of neon lights. With the use of advanced camera movement, a simple animation to the titles and depth opf field, you will create a small piece of beautiful motion graphics. No additional plugins are used for the text animation.

Write-On Magic

Write-On effects looks really good and can be used in variety of projects. Dan Stevers is showing hot to create a write-on effects using your designs.It can look pretty cool in a showreels or portfolio presentations.

Make a Field of Particles

Particles are also widely used in After Effects animations as they create a lovely modern look especially when used with camera and depth of field. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a particle field with no fancy plugins. Just pure After Effects. Tut created by Eli & Brandon (chchcheckit).

Intro to Motion Graphics

An informative tutorial showing the basics of motion graphics. If you are new to After Effects, you might want to watch it so you can start learning how to do motion graphics.

Glitch Tutorial

The populat glitch effect technique is shown in this tutorial. This effect will look good espcially on text or logos. The footage can be download from here.

Animated Hipster Logos & Badges

Hipster designer are very popular and designers just love them. This tutorials teaches how to create trendy animated hipster logos and badges. More info at here.

Hip-Hop Style Split and Slide

Interesing effects are really needed in music videos as they emphasize the music and video effects. This tutorial, created by ECAbrams, shows how to do split and slide effect technique that can be used in different videos.

Free Animation Composer Plugin

This tutorial shows the power of Free Animation Composer Plugin when used to create various animations. The plugin allow you to control and customize timing and animation of tons of layers.
Plugin can be downloaded here.

Hipster Intro Animation + Animated Handwriting

ArmaganVideos presents another great hipster animation tutorial, but this one includes an animated handwriting. Project files can be found here. Fonts used are: Nevis, Gotham and Dollie Script.

Unfolding Animation

Learn how to create an impressive fold/unfold animation in After Effects.The tutorial covers position snapping, parenting and using the graph editor. If you prefer a detailed written tutorial, check out this post.

Snappy Line Logo

Mt. Mograph teaches how to create a snappy line logo animation in AE. You will learn how to put into use basic motion graphic principals and trim paths so you can create a modern animated logo.

Shatter Motion Graphics Effect

An amazing tutorial that shows a simple technique to create a shatter text effect that can be used in intros or outros. Created by Tim from studiofourmedia.

Superman Takeoff

A fun tutorial that is created by Phenomenal Creations and shows how to create a Superman takeoff. This types of tutorials are fun to do and when you managed to create the desited result you will be very satisfied with yourself. The technique can be used in motion graphics as well.

Super Slowmotion Effect

VideoFort teaches how to create a perfect super slow motion effect. It uses 60 fps footage and gets it down to 1% of its original seed which makes it 6000 fps. This is done by using as few warping and distortion artifacts as possible.

2.5D Paralax Effect

The trendy parallax effect is shown here. Learn how to use Photoshop to remove background objects and separate subjects from the background. When done, the project is imported to After Effects to create a 3D movement by using 2D images.

Rack Focus Titles

Rendaa Studios presents a vintage looking intro title sequence tutorial. The tutorial covers repositioning of layers to create 3D environment, using shadows and blending mode to achieve 3D-like engraved text effect, use of anamorphic lens effect, lighting and film grain to create cinematic camera style. The depth of field and camera movement enhance the whole animation.

Masking Video

This tutorial covers a very important After Effects technique which is widely used in creative studios. If you want to learn how to edit creatively a video footage, you should watch it.

Learning After Effects is diffucult and takes a lot of time. But once you get the knack of it and put your creative ideas into motion, a whole new Universe will open to you and will get a creative pleasure of creating beautiful animated or video projects.

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