BBC Science Club Animation all about Inheritance

The story of inheritance exploring why we often look like our parents, and sometimes even our grandparents! From Aristotle to Watson and Crick, the charming animation explains how we arrived at our current understanding of inheritance. This short accompanied the hour long Science Club hosted by Dara O Briain which featured comedians and scientist in the studio based program.



Created by 12foot6

Established in 1999 by Dave Anderson and Tom Mortimer (both 6 foot 3 inches tall… obviously) to produce 2D and stop-motion animation for TV and web. 12Foot6 is a collection of around twenty animators, illustrators and designers, with a mixture of hand-drawn, graphic and stop-frame talent.
Based in a Central London studio they are best known for their humorous story telling including Dog Judo, Bar Shorts and Get Well Soon series as well as the Bafta nominated Sensibles.
The team at 12Foot6 like to think that their strengths are in great art which can be beautifully animated to a strong narrative.

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