Franchise Animated Typeface

Franchise Animated Typeface is a project created by Animography that gathered 1 type designer and 110 animators to create a Franchise Animated typeface. Animography invited 110 brilliant animators from all over the world and asked them to choose a glyph  and animate it in After Effects by using no more than 4 colours, 25 frames and 500 x 600px canvas. The result by all means is amazing and you can see it below.

Also Animography are very generous and they released the After Effects project files (animated typeface) and the static typeface for free. You only have to pay with a tweet or a post.  You can see all the creatives involved in the project on the Animography Franchise page.

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Franchise Animated


Franchise Animated


Franchise Animated


Franchise Animated


Franchise Animated


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