Motion designer Francisco Kitzberger reminds us an important life rule with a beautiful short film

It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?

Henry David Thoreau

Francisco Kitzberger created a short motion piece to remind a really important rule of life, expressed by the eminent Mr. Thoreau.

Dating back to 1857, this thought was first written in a letter from Thoreau to H.G.O. Blake and it says: “It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?”. defines industrious as “working energetically and devotedly; hard-working; diligent” and from my perspective I regard this quote as finding meaning of what you do every day and doing it passionately and diligently, without harming anyone.

Francisco Kitzberger’s short movie asks the same question that Henry David Thoreau asked in 1857. In his skillfully done but yet simple piece, Francisco reminds us to be happy with what we do in every day life, be enthusiastic and persistent.

Have a look at the short film below.




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Busy – A very short film from Francisco Kitzberger on Vimeo.

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