TVE’s Lovely Christmas Zoetrope Ident

The Spanish television broadcaster TVE launched its Christmas idents. This year the slogan “The Magic of Christmas” inspired the Barcelona studio Comodo screen to create beautiful paper zoetropes.


Creation of the Christmas zoetropes took two months. Three weeks were need for a team of eight people to cut and assemble each zoetrope. Nine people were involved in the shoot. All this effort results in three paper pieces of 16 seconds long spinning. Despite all the hard work, the Barcelona studio was pleased with the result and the three Christmas idents are a result of a commitment to the channel.

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The concept was simple – The Magic of Christmas. The client wanted idents full of magic, mystery and illusion. The studio came up with the idea of a zoetrope and the channel loved it.

Developing such a project is complex. Everything is hand made out of paper and the team had to be very careful so nothing is distorted. The assembly of each of the pieces was a very delicate and concise work.
The studio had to do a lot of testing as they wanted to come up with the perfect speed of the camera aperture to capture perfectly the frames and motions of each zoetrope. Each frame had to be perfect as they only needed the zoetrope animation element to be moved.

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The result was much better than Comodo screen had imagined. The studio loved the project as it allowed them to move out of the screens and create something by hand.

Have a look at the final outcome:

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