25+ Modern Fonts for Designers

Who doesn’t like to have a good list of beautiful fonts? Here is a nice selection of the latest and greatest modern fonts that you might want to have a look at and download so you will freshen up your collection.

I tried to make the list versatile with lots and different fonts that might be used in posters logos, simple text, headlines etc… The fonts also can be used both in print and web projects. Feel free the grab all of them in one archive file below.

Yanone Kaffeesatz


First published in 2004, Yanone is one of the best modern fonts. Its Bold version is comparable with 1920s coffee house typography. It has been used all over the world in coffee and foodstuff packaging and café design. It has been used in McDonalds ads In New Zealand and in mall promos in Dubai.



It has four styles – Regular, Light, Bold and Black. It was designed to look good and be pleasantly read on screens. Also it has italics styles for each of these weights.



This font was designed precisely for medium and large headlines and it looks good because of its regular proportions and medium contrast. Marmelad is suitable for screen use because of the soft roundedness and generous x-height. It supports Latin-1, Cyrillic and Turkish (Latin-5) encoding.



Coustard is a lovely display webfont which can be used on different screens sizes. Coustard was developed from a font called Tienne as a fork.

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Asul is a humanist typeface and it has semi-serifs. It is based on the early 20th century Argentinian books and magazines typeface.

Holtwood ONE SC


It is a bold display font designed for modern browsers use. To a great extent its look resembles the traditional woodblock poster typefaces on the 19th century but with a modern touch. Holtwood may be used in big and bold text sizes but event with smaller ones it still looks good.



Englebert is inspired from the 1930’s film titles of the Der blue Engel starring Marlene Dietrich. Slightly playful and casual but still eye catchy.



As the name suggests, this font is inspired by Leiws Carrol’s famous novel and it is designed to be suitable for typesetting that particular book. Created by Ksenia Erulevich, it turned out to be a bit eclectic and old-fashioned. Its open aperture and soft rounded features makes suitable for headlines and text-setting.

Gentium Book Basic


It is based on the original Gentium design but it includes additional weights. The Gentium Book Basic font family has a complete regular, bold, italic and bold italic set of fonts.



Acme is a condensed display font which is inspired by the visual language of the classic cartoons and comics. Designer to be used in headlines, it makes the texts vivid but consistent and expressive. It has a distinctive groovy rhythm and looks equally good on both screen and print.

Jockey One


Type Together was commissioned by Google to design a new type family and this is how Jockey one was born. Based on the lettering of an unknown Argentinian artist who designed posters for horse race tracks in the 1930’s.



Created by Ben Weiner, Puritan is a modern and interesting typeface created as part of a project of Typography and Graphic Communication course at Reading University. It looks good on both print and screens having a playful touch.



Eduardo Tunni designer this typeface after a long research project into text typeface families from different historical periods. It is well-readable typeface with a modern look.

Bree Serif


Bree Serif is the serif cousin of the famous and award-winning font Bree, created by TypeTogether. It is a really successful font because of versatility, pleasant appearance and originality. The serif version is truly charming.

Ropa Sans


It was first designed as a tribute to DIN but after the work process it became a unique typeface. Ropa Sans is an ongoing project and it is expected the Ropa family will grow over the time.



A perfectly compact typeface with a character and sharp features, designed for readability particularly in small sizes. Looks good on newspapers and tabloids as it was initially planned for these.



A contemporary serif font based on calligraphy with a moderate contrast particularly looking good in body text. Lora font is perfectly optimized for screen appearance but performs equally well in print.

Arbutus Slab


This font is inspired by 18th and 19th American jobbing type and it is a medium contrast slab serif font. The generous spacing used makes it perfect for use in fairly small sizes which makes it a versatile font.



A modern sans serif typeface with a slight deco/techno touch. It has clean letterforms and a large x-height for great legibility. A wonderful choice for display titles and body copy.

Donegal One


Donegal One is created by Gary Lonergan and it designer to be very legible and comfortably read on the screen. Donegal one looks good from small text sizes to display ones. It is a great option for whatever use you choose.

Josefin Slab


Josefin Slab is a font that follows the 1930s trends for geometric typefaces. It has some kind of a typewriter attributes inspired by the Letter Gothic typeface.

Pontano Sans


A minimalist and light-weighted Sans-Serif typeface, particularly designed to be used as a display font but can be used for a text font too. One of the greatest features of Pontano Sans is that it can be used on different screen sizes and performs well on common web browsers.



Copse is designer by Dan Rhatigan and it is a low-contrast slab serif font that is little softy around the edges but looks clean and modern.



Garbriela is a beautiful serif typeface with soft shapes and curly terminal forms. This font, used in body text is still legible and perfect for ready, but when used in headlines it provides and interesting and eye-catchy accent.

Rum Raisin


This font is inspired by the vintage Kellogg’s Raising Bran cereal box. Rum Raisin is great looking display and headline font providing a playful touch when used



Bitter is created with the reader in mind and it is designed particularly for comfortably reading on any computer or device. It combines the x-heights and legibility of the humanistic tradition with subtle characteristics in the characters that inject a certain rhythm to flowing texts. It is designed by Sol Matas for Huerta Tipográfica.

Archivo Black


Archivo Black is a grotesque sans serif typeface which comes from the Omnibus-Type. It was designed for highlights, accents and headlines. The inspiration for this typeface comes from the late 19th century American typeface.



Inspired by Edward Johnston’s and Eric Gill’s typefaces, the Cabin font family is a humanist sans typeface with 4 weights and true italics. It is a font with personality and a modern touch.

Download 25+ Modern Fonts

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