5 Beautiful & Fresh Fonts to Use in Your Next Design Project

New, classy and modern fonts to add in your collection or use them in your new design projects.

It’s been a while since I posted a list of fresh fonts that will be suitable for a new design project you might considering. There are many fonts out there but not all of them are good.
I have selected 5 fresh and high quality fonts that created by experiences type designers. Have a look and take your pick.

Perfograma Font


Perfograma is inspired by an old computing machine called IBM Harvard. A huge mechanical computer which read its instructions from 24-channel punched paper tape. The original concept of this machine was first presented to IBM in 1937.
Perfograma Font carries the legacy of the old IBM machine. It is created by the talented Bulgarian designer Asen Petrov.


Bauru free font

A lovely and classy font created by Pier Paolo. It is inspired by Didone typefaces. The font can be downloaded for free and used in personal and commercial projects.


Picadilly Bold

This is font was inspired by the city of London and particularly by the works of Edward Johnston. Bearing that in mind, it is not surprising that Picadilly has such strong personality. It is created by the Polish designer Mateusz Machalski.


Enriqueta Font

Enriqueta is created by the Colombian type studio FontFuror. It is a serif typeface designed to meet the technical demands of silkscreen printing. Enrigueta is a clear slab serif type with distinct features and comes in Regular and Bold styles.


Sunday Font

Anastasia Dimitriadi from Greece is the creator of this font. She has studied lettering for almost a year and her new discovery of vintage and old-school hand lettering inspired her to create the Sunday Font. It is created while she was doing her Sunday practice when she thought she could redesign her logos in a vintage style. Sunday Font is the result!


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