9 Great and Modern Free Fonts from Antonio Rodrigues

Antonio Rodrigues is Brazil-born graphic designer and illustration. His work includes projects in typography, lettering, crafts, branding and sculpture. He likes to work with different styles and techniques. Antonio’s work also has been featured in different design magazines such as Computer Arts, IDN (International Designers’ Network) and Communication Arts.

Antonio has released a great bundle of free fonts for designers and creatives to use in their projects. Some of the fonts are resulting from branding projects as he usually creates logos using custom typography and he ends up designing a whole aphabet. All the fonts included are perfect for logos, packaging and headlines and except for Modular, all the fonts have a complete set of numbers, punctuation and Latin accents. Some of them also feature nice alternative styles.

Here is the complete list of the fonts:


Brasilia was designed whe Antonio was doing the Multi Collective branding project. Similarly to Brasilia (the city), it has an old-modern design. The rigid corners are somewhat softened by the tall shapes, and the whole set is very symmetric and geometric. Six versions included: Regular, Condensed, Extended, plus two levels of the shortened version.



Canberra is an all-caps font originally designed for a series of posters It is purposely irregular, and regardless of the crisp outlines, it is meant resemble hand painted signage.



Chelsea is a sans-serif version of London, and it has been named after one of the city’s nicest neighborhoods. It features four styles, three of them can be overlayed, and the fourth has some subtle curves in the corners.



Shamelessly inspired by the gorgeous art deco era, Delhi is part of the branding project for a creative group in India. it’s all caps, with some subtle alternate lower cases.



Formerly known as Colibri (hummingbird, in Spanish), it is part of my first-ever branding project, for a friend who owned a bird shop. It has a modular structure and it comes (so far) 3 styles: Regular (with shadows), Rounded & Regular Italics.



Madrid is the first attempt for a custom typographic logo for a fashion retailer. Though the client and I liked the font, we ended with a thinner option. Nonetheless, I did my usual and finished the design of the full set.

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Once an only illustrative work, it has been converted to fully functional font. The modules are divided in lower & uppercases showing the letter shape when overlayed. However, in order to make possible to use the same effect with numbers and special characters, two sets were created. Therefore, there are 4 versions: 1 solid, 2 layered & outlined.



Oslo is an all-caps thin font originally designed for ‘The Fake Blondes’ album covers and it has spawned 2 new versions. Versions I & II are monospaced and version III is proportional (with upper case slightly narrower than in Oslo I), all coming in two weights.



Bold and solid geometric font, initially conceived as a variation to Oslo. It comes in three versions: Monospaced (making use of Oslo’s basic structure), Sans Serif & Slab. It’s all caps with narrower lower cases.


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