Font of the Day – Sprite Graffiti Font

FontFabric again proved that are one of the greatest type foundries. They have released the first Bulgarian graffiti typeface in Cyrillic which was created for one of the most treasured Bulgarian holidays – 24th of May. Every year, Bulgarians celebrate their alphabet and this holiday is also a celebration of knowledge, Bulgarian culture and identity. If you are curious you have have a look here.

Sprite Graffiti font is also created for FontFrabric’s campaign for Sprite Graffiti Fest 2014. The challenge for the creators was to achieve perfect legibility and graffiti style together. Also, they wanted Sprite Graffiti Font to be functional to the extent that it is used by wider audience not only by the graffiti community. What’s more, this font is the first of its kind in Cyrillic and it is a start of creating more and diverse Cyrillic typefaces.

You can download the font for free! Thank you FontFabric!







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Client – Sprite Graffiti Fest
Designers/Artists – Arsek & Erase (Four Plus)
Font Developers – Ani Petrova & Vasil Stanev (Fontfabric)


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