Free Font of the Day: Hack Typeface for Source Code

Today I want to present you Hack – A typeface that is particularly designed for source code.

Hack is specifically hand crafted and optically balanced to look good when used in writing code.

Hack web fonts are released in svg, eot, ttf, woff, and woff2 formats. They include complete character set builds and smaller basic Latin character set builds for those who do not need the expanded character sets and would like to limit the file sizes of their font binaries.

Hack’s characters are designed with a larger glyph set with meticulous attention to metrics. The large x-height together with wide aperture and low contrast make it a very legible typeface for source code as it looks great even in 8px – 12px range on desktops and laptops. In large HD monitors, Hack performs pretty good at 6-7px sizes.

Have a look at Hack and feel free to download it below:





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