Free font of the day – League Spartan

League Spartan is a lovely, modern, geometric Sans-serif which can be used as display, title or logo font. It is influenced by ATF’s classic Spartan family but The League of Moveable Type decided to start their own family with one which has a single strong weight. It includes an extensive character set consisting of over 300 glyphs. Like all fonts from The League of Moveable Type this one is also with an open-source license.


What’s more, Philip von Borries has created a beautiful and detailed animated version of the League Spartan font in partnership with to expand it and sell it. The animated typeface is really simple and wonderful and the typographic animations are really appealing and eye-catchy. All the profits from the animated typeface go back to the creators of the font which will allow them to create more open-source fonts.


If you like it, grab your license and support The League of Moveable Type.

Download League Spartan Free Font

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