12 Vintage Light Leaks Photo Actions

Want to create awesome old, film-style photo from just a snapshot? Now you can do it with the click of a button! This action allows you to simply open ANY image, click play on the appropriate action and your ordinary picture will transform into vintage photo complete with light leaks!


12 Vintage Light Leaks Photo Actions




How It Works:

It’s as simple as opening an image and clicking a button. That’s right, ANY image. The same action set works for any size, orientation or dimension. Just open the image by itself, click play on the appropriate action and the light leaks will instantly appear along the edges of your photograph giving it that vintage feel.

I’ve included 12 actions that cover 3 image size ranges. Here’s a list of the ranges below. The sizes listed refer to the largest side of the image.

  • Large: 2300px and up
  • Medium: 1200px to 2300px
  • Small: 250px to 1200px

Action results in a fully layered, labeled and grouped file giving you complete control over the final results. Light Leaks are random and will be slightly different depending on the image and will also change each time you run the action. Don’t like the way the distressed edges look? Simply re-open the image and run the action again for a different result!

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Files Included:

  • 12 Vintage Light Leaks Photo Actions (.atn)
  • 6 Brushes (.abr)
  • Read Me Text File

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