16 Great Websites offering free authentic stock photos [Updated]

Authentic stock photography will be extensively used in web design in the long run. These 15 websites provide free stock photos with a personal and authentic touch.

Photos have always been the best way to convey ideas, messages and notions. A photo can emphasize a statement and make a web page beautiful and authentic. Web and graphic design is changing every day and in the last couple of years it seems that it strives for authenticity in imagery and interaction.
Recently, there are new and wonderful emerging on the web offering great stock photography for free. And if the trends for the coming 2015 are true, we will be witnessing more web sites using realistic, personalized photos and the usage of the stock photos will decrease.


Have a look the carefully crafted list of websites offering free authentic stock photos.

Authentic Snaps

Created by Valentin Dri, a hobby photographer, who thinks that stock photos are no longer needed and the web becomes more personal every day. He offers 5 free authentic images delivered in your inbox every week.

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This is one of first ones offering free stock images and probably one of the most popular. The images are really high quality and there are more than 10 categories with wonderful images you can use.

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Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos is a website with a simple idea to provide writers, developers and entrepreneurs a library with free beautiful “startup-focused” images. A very popular place for bloggers and designers and the photos are produced by Scupt.

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Pexels offers more than 1400 stock photos under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. At least 30 new ones are added every week. The pictures are free for personal and commercial use which means that you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the photos. No permission and attribution is needed or required.

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Travel Coffee Book

As the names suggests, here you can find some great travel photography from all over the world. The web site is about “Sharing beautiful travel moments”. Again all the photos are with the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license and you can do whatever you want with them. You can either subscribe or download the photos from the website. Feel free to submit your own travel moments.

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Historical stock photos

This one is a treasure chest as you can find amazing free historical images but you can only can use them in non-commercial projects such as personal websites and emails. I guess it is great place for bloggers and students.

Don’t struggle alone with projects

Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

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Jay Mantri

Jay offers 7 new photos every Thursday and they are from different places around the world. Again with the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license which allows you to do whatever you want with the photos.

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Gratisography is a personal favourite as it offers great images totally free. The project is created by RYAN MCGUIRE who is a design superhero.

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Another great source for free stock photos organized in 8 categories with CC0 license. There is also an option to search photos by a dominant colour which makes it useful if you are looking for a specific color palette and want photos to tie with it.

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This one is a personal website with images of a journey of a portuguese guy moving east. All the photos are completely free with the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. You can find amazing colourful images that captured the real life with all the natural colours and people.

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Again a great website offering completely free images for whatever use. Every ten days, there are 10 free high-resolution photos added. You can also submit your own photos.

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Good Stock Photos

Good Stock Photos offers free stock photos to use anywhere. You can select from 6 main categories and there are no restrictions and fees. Good Stock Photos is created by Steven who is a web designer and knows how hard is to find a decent photo for a project.

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JÉSHOOTS is a website founded by Jan Vasek who likes taking pictures. The website is created for all designers, all working with photos, for those who need a thematic photo free. You can find here great quality photos in 8 different categories.

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The Pattern Library

The pattern library is created by Tim Holman and Cloudio Guglieri and is an ongoing project that features patterns shared by the best designers. You can use the patterns for free in your designs. If you have a great pattern to share, feel free to do it as you will help the project and fellow designers.

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This one is created specifically for designers and it provides beautiful free images that can be used in commercial and personal project with no attribution required. There are 10 image categories to choose from.

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Free fitness, weight loss, and food photos

Get free fitness, weight loss, and food photos

A fresh new website which is dedicated to bloggers, nutritionists, fitness coaches and weight loss specialists. You can find an extensive collection of free stock images that will perfectly illustrate articles, ebooks or any type of collateral.

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