Evil icons – Lightweight SVG icons for your web project

SVG icons are really popular these days and if you haven’t started using them, it is about time to start. Evil icons are designed specifically for web projects and they come in three sizes – “S“, “M” and “L“. They are compeletely free and open source, licensed under MIT license. You can download them below.

Evil icons are also available as a Node.js package or a Ruby gen (for Rails) which is a good news for developers. You just need to use the icon names with your templates and styles. Check out the icons on Github to see how to use them.

If you are good at making icons and you want to contribute to the Evil icons set, feel free to contact Alexander Madyankin and Roman Shamin who are the creators of this great set.

Download Evil icons

More SVG resources: Iconmelon – SVG icons lib for the web; Trianglify – Generate colorful triangle meshes for SVG images and CSS backgrounds; Sunday Fun (Interactive SVG Infographic).

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