Gratisography – Free high-resolution pictures for personal and commercial projects

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Some examples of the pictures on Gratisography.

Gratisography, as the name probably suggests, offers something free. The free stuff here are free high-resolution photos for any projects, personal or commercial. The project is created by Bells Design, a creative design studio run by Ryan McGuire. The stuido is famous for their affordable and professional design services.  Gratisography features some great quality pictures that can be used for any project and the photos are freee from copyright restrictions. If you are template developer, who wants to sell templates and themes, you should give it a try using  Gratisography as it is a great alternative to Lorempixel and StockExchange. The authors also state that new pictures are added weekly so we can expect more and more to come. Lorempixels is great but the pictures there are just the same and sometimes as a theme developer you might want something new and fresh on your templates. StockExchange is a great one as well but the photos there are not that great quality (althought there are amazing ones there) and you should mention the author of the photo in most cases.  Gratisography is a great alternative to free photos websites and it is worth visiting. Thanks Ryan for creating it!


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