10 Typography Guides [Infographics]

Good typography is a challenge for every designer. Typography is the art of letters arranged in an appealing and beautiful way. Great typography is powerful and designers know how they can influence audience by the creative use of it. But typography needs to be studied  it requires lots of reading and experimenting. Designify selected 10 typography infographics to help you if you are just starting with typography or to keep them just for reference from time to time if you are in doubt about anything.


Font Perfect: Guide to Professional Typography Usage


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A Visual Guide to the Ampersand


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A history of western typefaces


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A Quick and Comprehensive Guide to Type


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Visual Guide to typefaces used on European Road Signs


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So you need a typeface?


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Typefaces of the world


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34 Typographic Sins


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The Evolution of Typography


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A typography Anatomy Lesson


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