15 Inspiring Soap Packaging Designs

There are endless choices in choosing a soap and the packaging plays a vital role. Have a look at this selection of great soap packaging.

Soaps are found everywhere in the world – hotels, homes, restaurants. They are a necessity, an everyday object, and a great gift also. Packaging design for soaps is more important than you think. The design itself influences our purchase decisions and it determines which soap best fits our needs. In this article there are the most beautiful soap packaging designs aiming to show the variety of designs that can be done for a piece of soap.

Hand in hand


Hand in Hand Soap is not the typical brand. The company was established in 2011 by Courtney and Bill who believe they are social entrepreneur and business can do much more than just money. They based their business on sustainable giving. They are tying their sales with charitable donations. When a soap bar is purchased Hand in Hand donates a bar to save a life.
This particular packaging designs reflect the new scents which smell amazingly and when with everyone purchased, a bar of soap and a month of clean water is provided for children in need.

Auntie Clara’s Handcrafted Cosmetics


Clara Lindberg’s passion is making soap. She comes from Finland but now she lives in South Africa. She is the creative mind and a talented soap-maker at Auntie Clara’s Handcrafted Cosmetics. Her soaps are unique and beautiful as well as the packaging of them. A little bit vintage, stylish and personal.

Chilly b


Chilly b Soap Company is a family business which is based in Dorset, UK. All of their products are 100% natural that are full of nutrients and kind to the skin without any product enhancing preservatives. Their products are not tested on animals and the ingredients are locally sourced and most of the time coming from their own garden.
The packing of their soaps reflects their beliefs as it is simple, elegant and beautiful.

Izola – Great Plains Soap


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Izola’s Great Plains Soap is in the style of 18th century toiletries and it is a handcrafted authentic soap. As you can see the packaging reflects the century and is printed with soy based inks on post-consumer recycled paper.



Underwerables brand is targeted to the modern woman who is curious and balanced and embraces every day as a journey. Their soap bars are delicate and luxurious. The packaging of the whole brand and particularly of the soaps resonates the feeling of luxury and delicate touch though the black and white colors and the floral illustrations.

Bulles et Molecules Soaps


Bulles et Molecules are an eco-conscious handmade soap company based in Quebec, Canada.  They are making natural and skin beneficial soaps. The packing of the soaps reflects the nature of the products they make and it by no means suggest that product is natural and carefully crafted.

Lanna Oriental Spa – Calendula Rice Soap


A truly delightful piece pf packaging resembling an autumn leaf and corresponding to the shape of the soap.

Banks and Noble Soaps


Banks and Noble is a family business which is focused on making soaps, toiletries and cotton textiles for the tourist market. Their products are directly connected with the Australia’s wildlife and plant life in their visual look and most of the products contain native plants and extracts. For the “Australian” range Fuel Studio original artwork in combination of Koala and Kangaroo photographs.

Aroma Soap Packaging


This creative packaging is created by Claudio Limon responding to a request of client for an affordable packaging which will allow the people to smell and see the product. Also it need to easy to package by hand and be original. Mr. Limon used as inspiration his upbringing in Mexico where people used to buy soap in bulk and wrapped up in simple paper. The result was a square, waxed paper wrapper with a small oval cut which will help consumers to see and smell the soap. Simple and creative.

Love Lara


This beautiful packaging is created by Diane Gush who is a graphic designer from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She redesigned the branding and packaging for Love Lara. She came up with the idea of making the soap boxes as a pillow case boxes for the soaps and to distinguish the flavour of each soaps she uses colours and simple graphic illustrations.

Claus Porto


Claus Porto is a company with traditions dating from 1887. The company is founded by two Germans who settled in Portugal. Claus Porto is one of the most popular producers of soaps in the country. The packaging of their soaps are vivid, with traditional and at the same time contemporary look. Some of the soap packaging is vintage and luxury.

Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is a company based in Seattle, Washington which actually started from founders’ kitchen. All of their products are created with 100% Natural and Vegan ingredients. The packaging suggests the gentleness of the soaps. The lack of fancy wrapping also gives the impression of natural and pure products.

Hudson Made Worker’s Soap


Hudson Made Worker’s Soappackaging is created by Hovard Design from NY, United States. It reflects the time when the soap bars was boxed individually and wrapped by hand. When wrapper they were tied with a string and seal. Also, Hovard Design used the traditional printing and letterpress typography on sustainable paper which make the packaging even more unique. The typography is also balanced between simplicity and heritage from the 19th century.

Nostalgia Organics


Nostalgia Organics is founded by Elea Lutz who also created the packaging. Nostalgia is inspired by Elea’s childhood and time spent at her grandmother’s. The design is playful, cheerful with a little bit of old-fashioned charm. One of her priorities for the packaging is to be eco-friendly.

You Dirty Dog Soap


Created by Owen and Fred, “You dirty dog” is a funny and creative soap bar. Months are spend until the final product was done. The packaging is simple and again corresponding to the nature of the product. The typography uses is modern but somehow suggests a vintage feel. With the only one colour used for the letters it reflects the soap bar itself and also an eco-friendly vegan features.

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