30+ Creative Business Cards for Inspiration

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Wears my shirt

business card inspiration

“Wears My Shirt is a new concept in giving: the hub is a website that is a hybrid of social networking and fund-raising. You buy a shirt, enter its code on the site (along with a picture and short write-up) and at some point pass it on to a friend or stranger. Each time the shirt is passed, and the code is tracked, more money goes to the charity, and the shirt’s journey becomes catalogued online.

In addition to initial concepting, we delivered basic branding, brand guidelines, and initial t-shirt designs.”

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Designed by The Official Manufacturing Company


Trofana Alpin



“The Trofana Alpin was the very first of what has now become a group of hotels in the winter sports resort Ischgl. The hotel group is family owned and holds the very foundation of the Von der Thannen family history. For that reason this project turned into something personal and very close to our hearts. We redesigned the look and feel of the brand with a focus on their exemplary ability to balance tradition with modern convenience and understated luxury.”

Designed by Bureau Rabensteiner


The hungry workshop

business card inspiration

“These simple business cards were printed for a recent trip to Melbourne to share with friends and family. We printed these on off cuts of Crane Lettra, a one hundred percent cotton stock, designed specifically for letterpress.

This snippet from the Crane website details the appropriate stocks for letterpress.

The nature of the printing demands a high quality, and generally heavier weight, paper that will not tear or thin when pressed. Crane 100% cotton papers are ideal as the the fibers contained within it are soft and readily accept an impression as well as ink.

We have been trialing different stocks with various results. Some locally available paper is economical and produces some really great results. Crane is imported all the way from the USA, and the results were beyond our expectations.”


The healing arts


“The Healing Arts is a London based collective that “was born out of a desire to explore both the collective creative process, and an interest in how ideas propagate. It originally formed around an interest in experimental music but we quickly realized a shared curiosity for the arts, science, technology and society at large.”

We were approached to design and develop The Healing Arts identity and web presence. After narrowing down the groups influences to a few key areas, such as mysticism, symbolism and alchemy, we started the process of developing the identity. In our research, we stumbled upon Antahkarana, an ancient Tibetan symbol for healing. The meaning of Antahkarana in many ways related to the values of the collective while also incorporating the mysticism and symbolism. Hence, we made the symbol the base for the new logotype.
The letters of the word mark, that is based on the Replica typeface (Lineto), were interlaced to make it more compact and unique.

The foiled business cards were designed as the three separate parts of the symbol, each card carrying one of the initials on the back.

The Healing Arts members are all active on a number of networks and websites across the web and therefore our main idea for their website was to aggregate as much of that activity as possible in to the collective’s site. Using the network’s API’s and RSS feeds we incorporated members feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Soundcloud in to the site, as well as some of the members personal blogs.”

Designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist


The hang gang

business card inspiration

“Two years in the making, this is Analogue’s latest venture. The Hang Gang is an online store that sells designer toys, t-shirts, books and lifestyle products. Later this year it will be expanded further to host virtual art exhibitions curated by Analogue and will showcase some of the hottest graphic artists and illustrators from around the world. Getting the branding right was paramount but the quirky characters that were developed from scratch are now firmly part of the Analogue family and feature on numerous items such as parcel tape, stickers and t-shirts.”

Designed by Analogue




“A distinctly modern sweet shop, SugarSin opens later this year in London. Appointed to design a brand identity, our aim was to communicate the philosophy that sweets are a treat for everybody, not just children. Having designed a logotype and a playful, lollipop inspired marque we created an eclectic illustration-led palette for packaging and stationery. Black and white images of everyday objects are combined with accents in primary colours, suggesting a sophisticated tone appealing to adults as well as children.”

Designed by & SMITH



business card inspiration

“Working with just an existing logo, we revitalised Stylecraft’s established yet slightly tired looking brand with a fresh, modern, energetic and flexible identity system.

Taking cues from the logo and capitalising on Stylecraft’s ownership within the category of the bold pink colour, we developed a circular visual language that could adapt and change according to needs. The resulting suite of stationery, communication and promotional collateral is lively, engaging and accurately captures the design sophistication for which Stylecraft is well known.”

Designed by THERE


Skeet Booth


“Photographer and friend of the workshop, Skeet Booth, approached us to redesign his logo and print new business cards.

He wanted his identity to reflect his technical expertise and his experience in the medium. Skeet uses his eye and his camera to capture real characters, he wanted to convey this preference for the authentic over the fake. A perfect job for the tactile nature of letterpress.

We created a logo that treats the typography with a halftone blur and visual cues from an SLR viewfinder. Behind this we printed a white surgical cross section of the human eye across manilla shipping tags in gangs of four. Each tag in the gang of four is different from the others, and the tag itself is a functional and unique business card.”

Designed by The Hungry Workshop


The Silver Star


“The Silver Star is a unique story about a iconic railway car’s journey from the American midwest to the remote Pilbara region of West Australia.

Glasfurd & Walker designed a bound publication documenting the history of the Silver Star railway car as part the renowned Zephyr line in the 40′s and 50′s in America before being brought over to Australia in the later 60′s, and finally it’s near miss with decommissioning before being transported to the Pilbara Region in West Australia.

The Silver Star’s final incarnation is as a completely refit cafe situated in the heart of Port Hedland.

Along with designing the invitation for the grand opening of the new Silver Star, Glasfurd & Walker also designed the identity and stationery for the cafe itself.”

Designed by Glasfurd & Walker


Siddharta Foundation


“Siddharta Foundation, a newly established youth-run non-profit Buddhist organisation approached us with the challenge of creating a new visual identity.

For Siddharta Foundation, we created an identity that reflects the Buddhist concept of Bodhi, or enlightenment. Hand-drawn logotype inspired by Sanskrit letterforms and an earthy colour palette set the personality of the brand identity.”

Designed by Noote&Netoo


Room 11 Architects


“Exploring the purity of an idea with precision and craft. Carving raw materials with real intent. Mastering the built form. Creating work that endures.”

Designed by SouthSouthWest


Rokeby Studios


“Rokeby Studios approached Seesaw for a considered brand for their photographic studio and events space in Collingwood, Melbourne. The brief was to create a brand personality for their vision that would work across traditional and new media channels.

Inspired by Rokeby Studio’s two directors and the two spaces available for hire at the warehouse, Seesaw’s creative solution began with a focus on the number two. The brand was inspired by the Surrealist’s exquisite corpse technique, a method where words or images are collectively assembled. Seesaw adopted the idea of two people or entities working together to form one image.

Rokeby’s logo is split into half and half – all Rokeby graphics are split into half and half. Two images come together to form one; the use of black and white keeps the identity simple, so that the space for hire becomes the hero. When Rokeby Studio’s clients interact with and create in the space, they become the colour.”

Designed by Seesaw




“Re-cycles is a Melbourne based business run by close friend Mitch Farina. The branding for this project was inspired from vintage bicycle and auto repair shops. All of his bikes start from an old bicycle, whether it is just a frame or an entire bike which heavily influenced the design and paper stock.”

Designed by And


Plan Bee


“Plan Bee is a company of urban farmers who champion biodiversity through partnership with business and local communities. Their aim is to excite and engage people through food production, urban agriculture and ecological approaches to meeting our food and energy challenges.

They also offer the opportunity to dedicate their bee hives to individuals and businesses. This could be to commemorate births, deaths or a gift to your loved one. They’re detailed below in the postcards I designed. The copy on the reverse is very emotive and engaging so if you have the time please do read them.”

Designed by KVGD


Natalie Ebnet


“Television editor, Natalie Ebnet has worked on shows for networks including NBC, CBS and Discovery Channel. She needed a unique identity to distinguish her brand and demonstrate her services. We worked together to design a logo that’s as smart as it is simple.”

Designed by Mattson Creative




“As a practice, Molecule works across the disciplines of architecture, interiors and art direction. Studio Round worked closely with the Molecule team to develop an identity that communicates the client’s multifaceted approach.

A kit of parts including branded emboss tools, stamps and templates were developed that could be reconfigured and applied in a number of ways, giving the client a flexible solution that’s able to evolve and grow with the client’s needs.”

Designed by round.




“Mean­while is a new menswear boutique loc­ated in the exclus­ive Kings Cross Hills of Sydney. Stock­ing the finest Aus­tralian labels along­side such inter­na­tional greats as Dries Van Noten, Whyred and Dana Lee, Mean­while is a most wel­come addi­tion to Sydney retail in gen­eral, menswear spe­cific­ally. We cre­ated an iden­tity using only inked hand stamps, mak­ing it cost effect­ive and low main­ten­ance, whilst still retain­ing the con­sidered crafts­man­ship that Mean­while represents.

The Brand­mark itself is the join­ing of an M and a W form­ing one icon that alludes to a tail­ors stitch.”

Designed by Maud


Mammoth Mountain


“Mammoth Mountain worked with Javas Lehn and Hornall Anderson to elevate their world class resort through an iconic rebrand. We created a visual system that brought the special “Come as you are!” mantra of the resort to life across every touchpoint. A new logo was not only bold and fun, but alluded to the tusks of the resorts woolly mammoth mascot as well as tracks in their famously deep powder.”

Designed by Javas Lehn


Les Orenetes


“Les Orenetes is a small fashion store in Torredembarra, 80 miles south of Barcelona. Set in this coastal town, the shop’s main revenue comes from summer sales pumped up by Spanish and international tourists on vacation. The name “Les Orenetes” is Catalan for swallow, a small black bird that migrates with the turn of the seasons. The client, being a small but cultured and open-minded retailer, asked for a redesign of the store’s identity to help it regain lost personality and level it with first-class boutique stores around Europe. Print run: Average print run of 1,500 different pieces.

The brand’s original identity used swallows in its symbol. These were then lost on a second redesign. Swallows refer in a way to the tourists who come and go each summer and also to the seasonal nature of fashion. In Catalan, oreneta is a feminine word. This led us to propose to the client the use of the bird as a strong and recognizable symbol, used in a contemporary way. The “O” of “Orenetes” was accordingly turned into a swallow to be used as an iconic element over illustrations of the birds’ natural environments.”

Designed by Mucho


La Fabrica Del Taco


“This project was created for a Mexican restaurant in Argentina. It was a very gratifying project mainly because we consider our gastronomic tradition as one of the greatest Mexican cultural legacies which has become an ambassador our identity in other countries. Taking this into account, the design process was conceived adapting references from the Mexican pop culture, specifically, custom hand made signage which typically uses uses saturated neon colors, a very simple symbology and an ingeniously traced typography.

The visual communication had to be easily understood mainly because the culinary “taco” culture in Argentina is non existent. We took, as a result, the typical Mexican taco stand colors mixing them in such a way that when combined with the typographic and iconic elements it would communicate tradition and modernity. This was essential as the restaurant is located in the Palermo Soho zone in Buenos Aires. The result was a high-end taco restaurant that aims at a young and demanding market filled with new experiences. This project was developed in collaboration with Nrmal.”

Designed by Anagrama


L’abattoir Restaurant


“The studio designed a modern, elegant identity which reflects the position and intention of the restaurant and compliments the interior design; set in a refurbished brick and beam building that combines classic French tile work with industrial fixtures, natural wood, and glass and steel finishes.

With the name, L’abattoir, being provocative the client wanted the identity to be refined and subtle, without playing heavily on the name for aesthetic execution. The effect is an elegant typographic identity applied in a minimal, understated way which communicates the
ethos and quality the restaurant has become synonymous for.”

Designed by Glasfurd & Walker


John Campbell


“The fine dining offer at Dorchester Collection’s 5 star country retreat, John Campbell at Coworth Park serves an innovative British menu courtesy of the acclaimed chef. Designed to distinguish the restaurant while complementing Coworth Park’s look and feel, the identity suggests a refined tone appropriate to the restaurant’s food and interiors. Led by an elegant logotype, ephemeral images of leaves (by photographer Giles Revell) and natural colours with copper accents, the identity hints at the surrounding countryside whilst suggesting the seasonal ingredients and intricate methods employed in John Campbell’s cooking.”

Designed by & SMITH


Isis Productions


“ISIS wanted an identity that is as rich, bold and iconic, as the artists and music it documents.”

Designed by Design Friendship


Honestly Healthy


“Designed by nutritionists and created by chefs, Honestly Healthy make delicious, alkaline-rich vegetarian dishes including chilled salads and ready-to-cook dry mixes. Invited to design an identity for application across packaging, point-of-sale and website, we created a palette of wholesome, light-hearted elements. Driven by a bold logotype, a monogram (two H’s brought together by a red heart), a vibrant colour palette and illustrations created in-house at & SMITH, the identity succeeds in distinguishing Honestly Healthy from other, more conservative health food brands.”

Designed by & SMITH


Hawthorne & Wren


“Hawthorne & Wren specializes in unique and memorable gifts that symbolize expressions of support, healing and comfort. These gifts hold meaning for both the recipient and the giver.”

Designed by Kevin Cantrell


The Gamut


“THE GAMUT represents the full scale experience: print to web, 2D to 3D, CMYK to RGB. As certified color lovers, we wanted to create a business card that reflected playfulness, interaction and the vibrancy found in the basic color palettes. Printed on transparent plastic, these CMYK colored cards can be overlapped to create a whole new spectrum… the RGB! Print + web.”

Designed by The Gamut


FFUN motor group


“If your company is called FFUN then you cards should be fun too.”

Designed by Spring


Emilie Bailey


“With an expanding portfolio of work appealing to a variety of audiences, it was important for Emilie’s identity to be creative and flexible. At the identity’s core is a system that allows her to pick and choose her showcase images, tailoring correspondence with existing and potential clients.”

Designed by & SMITH


Eat Green


“Eat Green is a restaurant consultancy based in London offering advice on running socially and environmentally sustainable businesses. We abbreviated the name of the company to ‘e.g.’, reflecting the position of the company as a provider of alternative solutions. The logo form breaks down into five coloured segments with each colour representing an area the business specialises in, these are listed on the reverse of the letterheads with a collection of relevant contacts below them. Sharing a directory of all the companies and organisations that e.g. has links with helps promote the idea of responsibility and working towards the greater good.”

Designed by Inventory Studio


Dilly Dally


“A children’s store that “inspires play.” So much so that every one of the brands touch points is an extension of this moto. It’s been mentioned in numerous design publications, picked up a Lotus Award, Communication Arts Award and was a finalist at The One Show.”

Designed by Spring 


Design Assembly


“Design Assembly is an interactive discussion forum managed by industry professionals for fellow creatives. Consisting of a select group of individuals working at renowned global agencies, Design Assemblys objective is to reveal, discuss and debate inspirational pieces of work both past and present.”

Designed by Matt Judge




Business card design for COSAT, Consultores de Salud en el Trabajo.

Designed by Decimal


 Contact 2.0


“The contact 2.0 project is a conceptual and contemporary approach of business cards. The usual function of the support is inverted, as it is totally black and devoid of any information. Only when in contact with   the   hand   is  the   information   revealed,  before turning back to black. Murmure combines new technologies, sophisticated printing techniques and a fun concept; with its’ thermo-sensitive business cards, Murmure creates a new, original and incongruous support.”

Designed by Murmure


“Caramela is a chocolate boutique located in Monterrey, Mexico.

This city differentiates historically for having an industrial golden era in the steel manufacturing. As part of the concept, we considered these historical values to inspire the brand to simulate a high-end handcrafted chocolate factory.

The packaging design is inspired on industrial packaging systems. We used adhesive stickers and identification codes as part of the brand’s language stylizing them with simple layouts and joyful colors.”

Designed by Anagrama





“Bonnard is a Mexican french-inspired tea and confectionary shop.

The brand’s distinct brush strokes and color selection are based on Pierre Bonnard’s postimpressionist paintings. The simple art direction, together with french words and phonetics round up the brand’s gallic concept effortlessly, spontaneously and efficiently.

Our approach with clean, sans-serif typography gives Bonnard a luxurious feel mostly associated with high-end fashion brands.

The gold foil stamp and clean type directly contrasts and at the same time elevates the would-be informal paint marks.

The rounded cross icon detail found in the wording relates to the shapes of macaroons, one of Bonnard’s prime delicacies.”

Designed by Anagrama


Bird on a wire


“Bird on a Wire is a wonderful little boutique in Franklin, Indiana featuring repurposed, recycled and refurbished merchandise from local, Indiana Artisans.

Amy was a pleasure to work with as we developed Bird on a Wire’s identity, business cards, hangtag stamp system, sigange and website.”

Designed by CODO Design


Betsy Smith Worldwide


“Geared toward designers and fellow creatives, Betsy’s brand is graphic; the Betsy Smith word mark uses a whimsical typeface to add a touch of character and is balanced by the cleanliness of a sans serif. Illustrated feather pens reference the classic craft of writing, while nature elements give a nod to her garden. A double hit of silver ink sits atop poppy green French Paper, providing a base for a rich chocolate brown overlay and a bit of eye candy for an audience of visual creatives.”

Designed by Eight Hour Day


3 Days in Paris


3 Days in Paris is a wonderful new vendor in the Indianapolis City Market! A regular in the Farmers’ Market scene, Colleen’s bringing her delicious crepes inside, joining Tomlinson Tap Room and Natural Born Juicers among many other cool shops in the reborn Market.”

Designed by CODO Design

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