8 Top-notch Design Competitions for Freelancers

As a freelance designer you know how important is to be known online so have a look at these design competitions which will help you with that.


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If you are a designer who is just starting as a freelancer you are probably wondering what you can do to gain more exposure. You might want to consider entering some prestigious design competitions to show off you talent and skills. Even if you are not a beginner in freelancing, you are possibly having high and low periods so taking part in some design competitions can help you get in touch with some new clients.


The eminent D&AD Awards competition is held in London every year but it is globally recognized as one of the most prestigious design awards for creative. If you are lucky enough, you might be included in the Annual which will open many doors for you and if you win the Pencil you will be internationally well-know.

UX Awards


These are relative new but already very honoured among the designers. The competition aims to increase the understanding of the complexity of the work of the designers and developers who are focused on the user experience.

The V&A Illustration Awards


V&A Illustration awards are dedicated to the best illustrations published during the year. The categories include illustrations of the best illustrated books, book covers, and magazine illustrations. The competition offers an excellent opportunity for the illustrators to showcase their work and be seen by the most eminent representatives of the creative field.

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If you are skilled at graphic design, photography, illustrations, animation, interactive design, typography or in other creative fields and you are under the age of 30, you should think about entering the Art Directors Club Young Guns Competition which is one of the most popular and respected. The award ceremony is held in New York.

European Design Awards


European Design Awards is a competitions that is held every year and it is dedicated to honour the best European designers working in the field of communication design. The prizes are awarded at the end of the three-day European Design conference, and the participants are included in the ED-Awards catalogue.

The Lovie Awards


Lovie Awards are relatively news as now it is going to be the 4th edition. European designers are invited to apply as long as they submit their entries in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. The Lovie awards honours the best online content such as websites, online advertising, internet video, mobile & apps and social. The mission is to recognize the uniqueness and creativity of the European internet community.

American Institute of Graphic Arts


AIGA is a host of a lot of design competitions including the Justified and 50 Books 50 Covers competitions.  AIGA also organizes many interesting of events which are worth attending.

Type Directors Club


Type Directors Club is a well-respected organization which is aiming to support the great achievements in typography. There are two typeface competitions held every year: one is for the use of typefaces and the other one is for typeface design. The winners are included in the Typography Annual and their works are shown all over the world.

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