Amazing Graphic Design Books Worth Reading in 2016

Amazing Graphic Design Books Worth Reading in 2016

Well, holidays are finally over and we all start thinking about the challenges, expectations and the potentials of the new year. Most people do like to create a list of resolutions to stick up to. These resolutions are usually dedicated to try to become a better version of ourselves as we all thinking of getting fit, eating healthy food or learning a new language and taking up some new hobbies.

Usually, I do like to make a list in my mind of what I want to do in the year in front of me, and this list is usually connected with travel, books and gaining new skills.
Being a dedicated designer, developer or creative professional is a hard thing and most of the time it is time consuming, coupled with late nights, a lot of failing and numerous research hours.

Having said that, I do realize that there isn’t much time left for reading for pleasure. It is great to have a list with great books and stick to it, however tired you might be. Write it down in your notebook if it will help you.

I like to keep a book list during the year and I usually add and remove titles as the year pass by as I do not like to keep things so much organized rather discovering new titles and authors.

This list is comprised of two lists: one for fiction books and one for professional books. In the last month of the 2015, I did a little digging to find out what is going to be published in 2016 so to add in the list of the professional titles. So I would like to share it with you. Most of the titles are available for pre-order which can be a bit tricky as if you do like reading the reviews before purchasing, there is no way to do that. Sometimes the risk is worth taking, as reviews can be deceptive…

Here is a first draft list of to-read books in 2016.

Type is Beautiful: The Story of Fifty Remarkable Fonts


We are using fonts every day, without knowing their stories. But every font has a story – why it was designed and who design it? 50 remarkable font stories are presented in this book written by Simon Loxley. Funny is the story of the popular Comic Sans font. Probably the font that is most loved and most hated at the same time and it is curious to know that the author created it for use in speech bubble for a Microsoft programme. Key examples of fonts such as Carlson, Bodoni and Baskerville are presented – fonts that are responsible for aesthetic development of typography.

The beauty of type is equally appealing to both general readers and professional designers and typographers, and this book can be regarded as a precious cultural guide for fonts.

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Logo Theory: How Branding Design Really Works


Logo Theory is a book that can be useful for students and starting designers. It answers the questions of how a brand image can still look contemporary even it has been created decades ago.

Some principles of identity design do not change with the time and are not a direct projections of trends. The book provides real world examples that will give you a lot visual techniques how to create unique timeless concepts and how to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Logo Design.

Please Make This Look Nice: The Graphic Design Process


Have you ever been curious how other creatives work? What is their process? What is their nature of making? Please Make This Look Nice can be regarded as a behind-the-scenes look of the process of more than fifty typographers, studios and graphic designers from all over the world. These professionals opened their archives for the author Peter Ahlberg to show a diverse perspective of the way they work on their projects. Eminent designers such as Milton Glaser, Michael Bierut, Tom Geismar, Stefan Sagmeister and many more, as well as emerging design stars share their insights and personal means of finding inspiration.

Please Make This Look Nice is a book for ones that are devoted to becoming better at their profession and it will be appealing for design students and pros or just for design fans.

Inside Art Direction: Interviews and Case Studies


Stephen Brower presents an exploration in what is like to be an art director. A career peak for many design professionals and students. But how do you know what is like to be an art director? Inside Art Direction give an insight of what is like to be one by presenting 18 interviews with art directors from different industries to answer the questions of what is like to be one.
28 case studies are outlined to help in understanding the job.

Practical advices, tips and direction assignments can be found extremely useful for anyone staring walking the path to art direction.

Creative Truth: Start & Build a Profitable Design Business


More and more people prefer to give it a try and create their own design business instead of working in an already established design firm. There is a certain charm in building one from scratch with all the doubts and fears. The temptation of working for yourself is appealing for many design graduates. The youth is for experimenting and lesson learning, isn’t it?

Creative Truth is a book that will help you with practical tips for being profitable, getting clients, building a business network, balancing creative work and business and defining your market. Best practices and real tools can help you immensely.

The ABC of Custom Lettering: A Practical Guide to Drawing Letters


Ivan Castro, a graphic designer and typography teacher, shows the first steps of custom lettering. The ABC of Custom lettering is a practical, yet inspirational workbook with detailed instructions of hand drawing a range of letterforms from Modern Roman and Gothic through to Latin, Script and Interlocked.

It is suitable for anyone who is fascinated by the beauty of typography and wants to get the knack of it from one of the best in the field.

A Smile in the Mind – Revised and Expanded Edition: Witty Thinking in Graphic Design


First published in 1996, A Smile in the Mind became one of the most influential design books as it is the richest of all presenting witty thinking in graphic design which makes it an entertaining guide of inspiration and techniques of using humour and unique ideas in different assignments.

20 years later, A Smile in the Mind is extensively revised and updated, and again aims to explore the powerful role of wit in graphic design – the magical component of any successful design project which engages people and establish memorable brands.

The book shows more than 40 years of witty thinking in over 1000 projects and 500 designers and creative thinkers.

Illustration That Works: Professional Techniques for Artistic and Commercial Success


Written by Greg Houston, Illustration That Works is an extensive guide for everyone that is taking illustration seriously whether it is a recent graduate, starting student or an established artist. This book is full of practical tips about making professional looking illustrations. Thought-provoking assignments are included as well to help you develop further your skills. In 400 examples of artwork, you will see assignments completed by students and also art pieces by contemporary professional illustrators such as Brian Sanders, Marshall Arisman, Roberto Parada, Steve Brodner, Paul Rogers, and Greg Spalenka. And also author’s own pieces, both finished and failed.

Why You: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love (Voices That Matter)


In her book Debbie Millman gives valuable guidance for coping with the fears that every creative person has. Dealing with insecurity, low self-esteem and inexperience is quite challenging in our world, especially for the young talent. It is difficult to promote yourself and make your abilities stand out. Presentations are also quite a dreadful experience for anyone starting in the creative industry.

Debbie Millman will help you out with your questions by giving practical advice. She will teach you how to take the necessary steps by knowing yourself and truly quantify your talent in the real world. It is all about making a living by doing what you love with more confidence.

Sustainable Graphic Design: Principles and Practices


There are many professionals who, at some point in their careers, figured out that design artifacts should not be created just for a particular project and started being concerned about their life after they fulfilled their purpose. Peter Fine outlines the relationship between production and consumption. The book presents cutting-edge work of practitioners, educators and students from all around the world who are tackling the ecological concerns, social justice and present system of design by using case studies of student work with step-by-step instructions.

Do you expect a great design book to be released in 2016? Please, leave a comment with the title below.

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