Brand by Hand – An experimental lettering project

Today I would like to show you the work of Sara Marshall from Auckland, New Zealand. Sara is a graduate from Auckland University of Technology where she earned a BDes degree in Graphic Design. She has a great flair for lettering, calligraphy and illustration.

Her latest project is an experimental lettering one aiming to explore the defining attributes of popular major brands. Sara’s idea of exploration such topic grounds on two trends; the first one is based on the brands which strive for a minimalist, flat style such as Google, Shell, Starbucks etc.

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Such brands changed their main image to simple and almost iconic look. The second trend which interests Sara, is the rise of exploitation of hand-lettering, which is characterized by textures, imperfections and a bit of retro style.

Brand by Hand is a project that intersects at these two trends and aims to add some personality and careful hand-treatment to [cold] corporate world.


[In Sara’s words:] “Furthermore, an attempt has been made to explore a variety of lettering styles and examine contemporary trends within lettering itself – custom scripts and brushwork, calligraffiti, contemporary signpainting. The purpose, besides being a personal exploration of letterforms, is to reimagine these logos while retaining key defining elements of their original branding. This will both investigate the essence of the brand and test the strength of their associations.
Have a look at her work below:

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If you want to contact Sara visit her Behance portfolio.

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