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Whenever you are a freelancer or not, it always good to challenge yourself from time to time in order to gain new skills or just try something different. If you are a web designer and you have a flair and interest for graphic design it might be good to participate in a logo or brochure design contest. It will help you to see other side of design as design it is not only coding. You might be passionate in a other business fields you have never had a chance to do a project for. Challenging yourself with different projects and briefs will make you research more for things you know little of. Or you just want to boost your skills, try to learn new software.Some of these places are suitable for design students who might need to put some beautiful designs in their portfolios. The places below are carefully selected and they are ones where you can find great and creative projects.You might want to try. Just for fun!

Creative Allies

If you are music fan and designer, artist or illustrator, Creative Allies is right place for you. You can submit your designs for you favourite bands, festivals or movies. The registration is free and you can submit unlimited entries. You can win a cash prize and other goodies like tickets, merch and/or VIP perks. Creative Allies rocks!



Dexigner is great place to learn about what creative people are doing. It features news from every design field. But it is also a great place to check for a good design competitions. The newest one is from Design Council called Future Pioneers, and it aims on the positive impact that design can have.

dexigner - design competitions



Graphic Competitions

Graphic Competitions is a great place where you can find interesting photography, graphic and visual design competitions. There are also ones for students-only if they want to boost their skills and put some professional projects in their folio.


Don’t struggle alone with projects

Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

Student Competitions

As the title suggests this Student Competitions should be only for students but there are options to choose from:high-school students, undergraduate,graduate, post-graduate, MBA and even competitions for non-students. It is free, but you have to register to see all of the competitions and you can be awarded cash or publicity and also you can create your AwardsCV.


Design Boom

Design boom is a great place to read the recent news in the design world and also find great competitions for participate in.



Pring Mag is a magazine for visual culture and design. You can read about commercial and social design, motions graphics, posters and exhibitions. There are also inspiration galleries and competitions.

print mag


Behance – the famous creative network hosts some design competitions for students and not only. This is a really wonderful place to show off your talent.

behance design competitions

Communication Arts

Communication Arts is another web place where you can enter high quality design competitions and if you win one you can be sure that you will be noticed. The greatest names in the design industry will be reviewing your work and if you are chosen, you have to be proud.


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