Nostalgia – A Beautifully Torn Book

Eren Saracevic is a designer coming from a former country called Yugoslavia. She was at the age of five when Yugoslavia disintegrated so she did not have much time to develop a national identity. Eren created a book which is a reflection on behalf of a tourist who is going back to a homeland that vanished…

Typically for the people of The Balkans, especially for those who were growing up right after the political changes, Eren also was told that the past was better than the present. In Yugoslavia it was the idea of an ideal union and brotherhood, a paradise.

For those who do not know much about Yugoslavia past, it was the time of free loans, good pensions, a national and autonomous economy, access to healthcare and education and above all (and most important) peace. For many countries on the Balkans when the socialism broke in Europe, it gave hopes and dreams. For Yugoslavia it was an end of a united country. Yugoslavia broke with it.

For that reason, Eren did a broken book for a broken country. Her country. A book for broken ideas and relationships, broken flags, broken people and the multicultural broken dream. For Eren this book “should remind us, that the irreparable past of some place can become the future of another.”

Have a look at the book below. You can buy the book here.





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