Tommy Shelby Whiskey Packaging

Scott Biersack who is a designer and letterer from Phoenix was obsessed by the successful Netflix series, Peaky Blinders to the extent that he got inspired to design and develop an entire whiskey brand around the charismatic main character of the show, Tommy Shelby.

Scott created everything from the label to the box including the wax seal. Then all was pieced together for a class project.

Phoenix designer learnt some valuable lessons while developing the project. He laser cut and etched the box and through the entire process of trial and error he managed to discover the correct depth and power settings to use to make the lettering and type still be visible when stained. The whole process was a learning exercise for him as he has never designed any packaging. It was a time-consuming process but certainly worth it.

Unfortunately, this is a fictional product and there is no way you can purchase it. You may only admire it. Have a look below.






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