What colour is the most appropriate for your brand? A great list of B&W Logos.

Creating a logo can be very challenging. Probably, the main task for a designer is to incorporate the nature of the business into a visual appealing and eye-catchy image.

A logo has to convey a clear, expressive and symbolic image.

Most of the times logos are done with colours,usually with ones which are already widely popular and acknowledged in the business sectors (see this article for the usage of colours in branding).  

A black and white logo design can effectively pass the message to the public about the company purpose. No matter what background you put it on, it will be clear and catchy.

Furthermore, using the monotone colours, designers can imply hidden meanings in their logos as well using the notion of the “negative space”.

Here is a selection of some prominent and clever ones.

Negative Space logos

A black and white logo can be very noticeable and memorable even without using the “negative space”. Here is a selection of beautiful black and white logos:

Keldoc logo

keldocKeldoc is an online app that books appointments for trusted doctors in Paris

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Ecofrog logo


Lions and Lambs logo

Lions and Lambs

Lions & Lambs Media Group LLC

Tasmanian Wine logo

See Saw logo

See Saw logo A logo for a Marketing Company

Imaginary Friend Pictures


Midnight Baker

midnight baker

New business selling fresh, delicious croissants in Cape Town.

Owner bakes in the midnight hours, hence the name.

Jam Session logo


Logo for recording studio Maryland.

Lunch with me logo

Lunch with me

Restaurant with a stage.
While you are eating, on stage dancing the tango professional dancers.

Belief Pictures logo

Belief pictures logo

Logo for Belief Pictures – a Christian Film Company. Icon subtle creates the Trinity.

Pelican logo

pelican logo A logo for advertising agency

San Francisco logo

san francisco logoLogo for a book project.

True Story logo

true story logo Logo for a collection of mini books.

Cakefilm logo

cakefilm logo

Wedding photographers. Logo is featured in a few books on logo design.

Branding logo


SeaDonkey logo

seadonkey Logo for Sea Donkeys Dive Club.

Difference Design logo

difference design logo
This company produces of unusual homes.

Stranger Software logo

stranger software logo

Think pen logo

thinkpen logo

Logo designed for striking ad caption writer.

Wiesinger music

wiesinger music logo

Logo created for a piano service shop.

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