10 Wonderful Examples of Interactive Infographics

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I am Petia Koleva and I am doing web and graphic design. I also like to experiment in infographics and motion graphics design. I graduated @Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland - BDes (Hon) Design for Digital Media. I have two design awards: BP Design Award 2012 @ Gray's School of Art and RGU Purchase Prize Award. I am very passionate about design and I share my passion on designify.me. You can find me on .

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10 Responses

  1. itsJannic says:

    How were these created? Is there a specific program that was used to build these?

  2. Mainak Banerjee says:

    I liked the one that is all about Google search and spam filtering so much that I couldn’t resist myself! Got a screenshot and eagerly waiting to publish it in Infographics Village ..

  3. designifyme says:

    pratheek_vk  Wonderful. Thanks for sharing:)))))

  4. designifyme says:

    umeshk_ah Thanks very much for sharing and visiting:))) Beautiful piece.

  5. WaleedQadi says:

    This website http://www.peopometer.com serves an interactive realtime infographics, it worth the try!

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