10 Wonderful Examples of Interactive Infographics

We looked through the web to see what are the most recent examples of Interactive Infographics and this is a list of 10 Wonderful Examples of Interactive Infographics.

Infographics became a favourite tool for businesses to show their clients important and valuable information. We are also seeing lots of designers using infographics as resumes. Newspapers and magazines also find it useful to present data. And being such an important tool, infographics started evolving as much more efforts are put in the development of this tool.

Check out these 5 Key Tips for Designing a Successful Interactive Infographics

Evolution of the cloud

evolution of the cloud

See the infographic

Eastern Tennessee 


See the infographic

Future of Car Sharing


See the infographic

Get Tech Fit (Verizon)

Interactive Infographics

See the infographic

How Search Works

Interactive Infographics

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Why you shouldn’t drink & drive!

Interactive Infographics

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Mapping the Dead: Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook



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The Enlightened Happy Hour: An Interactive Guide to What You’re Sipping

Interactive Infographics

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True Fish Tales

Interactive Infographics

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Women’s Political rights around the world


See the infographic

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11 Responses

  1. itsJannic says:

    How were these created? Is there a specific program that was used to build these?

  2. Mainak Banerjee says:

    I liked the one that is all about Google search and spam filtering so much that I couldn’t resist myself! Got a screenshot and eagerly waiting to publish it in Infographics Village ..

  3. designifyme says:

    pratheek_vk  Wonderful. Thanks for sharing:)))))

  4. designifyme says:

    umeshk_ah Thanks very much for sharing and visiting:))) Beautiful piece.

  5. WaleedQadi says:

    This website http://www.peopometer.com serves an interactive realtime infographics, it worth the try!

  6. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for the info!

    i really appreciate the content you publish,

    I am leaving this link of an article about interactive infographics that seems interesting:


    I hope you enjoy it!

  7. SamanthaL says:

    Those are mindblowing infographics! thanks for sharing!
    And for those who want to know how to create contents are amanzing as these, you have to try Genial.ly
    Online, free, really easy and stunning results.

  8. Andros says:

    We just finished this interctive infographic today: http://www.fundacionvicenteferrer.org/20aniversario/#infografia
    Combine scrolldown and animted sprites technique.

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