16 Experts Answer, “What makes a great infographic?”

This is an artcle about infographics found on blog.eloqua.com. Recently, infographics became really popular over the internet and even companies started using it as martketing tool. Whether this is good or not, here are some opinions about the question asked in the article “What makes a great infographic?” from people in a business which involves creating infographics.

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Steve Farnsworth, Chief Digital Strategist, Jolt Social Media:
A good infographic takes data and visually illuminates the patterns within it, and makes accessible the insight that the viewer might have otherwise missed. A great infographic makes big data accessible in a way that allows the viewer to grasp its larger implications, internalize it strategically, and then make actionable decisions going forward.
“A great infographic allows the viewer to grasp the implications of big data.”


Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpot : The best infographics have a high density of information and are easily consumable. It is an art to be able to take a lot of data, or a number of concepts, and boil it down to one image. If your infographic makes sense when you look at it for 5 seconds, but is still teaching you things after you have looked at it for a full minute, then you know it is good.

“(Great infograpics) take a lot of data, or a number of concepts, and boil it down to one image.”


Adam Singer, Social Media Practice Director, LEWIS PR : In one word: clarity. The infographic should be easy to skim without users having to zoom in or strain to read anything. Text used should, as Nathan at Flowing Data likes to say, “go big or go home.” Also consider weight of fonts, effects or bolding to help your messages stand out: users should be able to scan it easily just like any other type of good web content. Theme and content matter too, but without clarity they fall apart.

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“(Great infographics) in one word: clarity.”




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