5 Great Infographics Tutorials

Infographics or information graphics are really popular these days and probably their popularity is due to the fact that a piece of infographics, if designed well, presents very complex information in clear, appealing and understandable way, which otherwise can be difficult to digest.

Using simple graphics and symbols, you are able to communicate concepts and convey messages very quickly. But how do you choose and create these symbols and graphics so they will present the information you want to share? What do you have to bear in mind while creating information graphics?

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Designify gathered 5 Great Infographics Tutorials to help you create some great data visualisations.

Illustrator tutorial: The five keys to a great infographic

Creating handmade beautiful & accurate Arc-Circle Charts

Creating maps for infographics

Intro to the graph tool in Adobe Illustrator


Illustrator Tutorial 3D Pie Charts 

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  1. Mallorca Man says:

    These are some great examples of how to build infographics with illustrator. I especially like the one done by Mike Wirth, the number 3 of them with the maps used.

    Great find, keep up the good work!

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