Animation And Animated Infographics: Pros And Cons

There are many different ways to explain a topic to people. These days, one of the most popular ways is through infographics and animations. This is because the amount of time people have to take in each new piece of information is continually shrinking. There is just so much information available these days that fewer people want to go on to read long books about it, and instead they would rather just absorb the information quickly. Here are a few of the ups and downs to using this approach.

Animation And Animated Infographics: Pros And Cons

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Emotional Connection

One of the positive things about animation is that it can often be a lot easier to make an emotional connection to viewers with media that engage all of the senses. People feel like they really know the character or characters on-screen. This is really important on the Internet because it’s pretty easy to lose people’s interest.

Video Is In

Another big plus to using animation is that it’s video, and video is getting more popular every day. According to some statistics, people will spend one hundred percent more time on webpages that have videos than those that don’t.  Attention is the currency of the Internet and video knows how to grab it. The outstanding success of YouTube and people who post on YouTube should demonstrate this clearly.

Bandwidth Troubles

It’s important to also note that one potential downside to animation is the fact that it can take up a lot of bandwidth. This will obviously depend a lot on what type of hosting service you go with. So if you already have a hosting service that can handle a lot, then this may not be a problem at all. But those who only have a weak hosting service with a really limited amount of bandwidth available might go over their allotment pretty quickly if they aren’t careful. So this is a downside that really may not be much of one depending on the situation.

Fun and Exciting

Another great benefit for using animations is that they actually bring a little fun into the midst of education. Obviously most infographics are trying to get an idea across to people, and this is a central point to the thing. But the way media gets information across is critically important. Animations can really capture people’s imaginations because they play with fun music, colors and themes. They do more than just dictate a dry message; they encourage interaction between viewer and video creator. In some cases this is more literal, since animated infographics can often allow users to change the infographic through their interaction. An example is a map type infographic that changes based on filters that you add to the map. Many of these types of infographics will actually have an animated sequence to it as well.

Difficult to Create

As amazing as animations and animated infographics are, one of the downsides is that they can be pretty difficult to create in the first place. It tends to require a certain degree of technical skill and expertise, even to make the most basic of animations completely on your own. You need to also purchase expensive software in many situations, which can also be a problem. This is why it’s often a good idea to go with sites like InfographicWorld in order to get some help with creation. Even though animation is hard to do on your own, this really isn’t necessary in most situations. Sites like these can either do the heavy lifting for you, or provide you easy tools to get it done yourself in exactly the way that you need.

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