Apple vs. Android – The Mobile War Infographic

The competition between Android and Apple continues to grow and results in great technological innovations. Check out how the biggest giants are performing in terms of market share and revenue.


It is believed that in 2014 the total number of people using mobile phones will increase to 4.55 billion. Smartphones and other mobile devices become more affordable, 3G and 4G networks advance. People tend to use mobile phones for finding products online and shopping.
People also tend to use mobile apps to find what they want. For example, 89 percent of users time spent on media is through mobile apps*.
There is no surprise that the application development industry is thriving right now. Android and Apple are the two rivals that are competing for users attention and money.
Android is currently in a better position as globally it holds 78 % of the market and Apple is holding only 18%. In the US, things are a bit different but Android still prevails by taking 61.9% and Apple takes 32.5%.
But unexpectedly, when it comes to applications number Google Play is a bit behind the Apple Store as the apps there are with 40 000 more than Google.
In terms of overall revenue, Google is again leaving Apple behind as the revenue generated is 870 million which is 340 million more than Apple Store. But if you check the numbers in Gaming Revenue, you will see that Apple is doing better than Google Play as for every $1 spent on Google, $2.45 is spent on Apple.
What about the developers? How are they doing in mobile war situation? The average mobile developer makes $5,200 with Apple which is unfortunate for Android developers as they still take $500 less (4,700$).
To get the whole picture, have a look at the infographic below to see how the two giants are competing.

Apple vs. Android - The Mobile War


* Mobile Marketing Statistics 2014 – Smart Insights

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