So You Want to Make Websites: Which Camp do you Fit Into?

Both web developers and graphic designers play an important role when it comes to designing web sites. Both have their own unique roles that serve a common goal in designing websites. Graphic designers tend to be more creative by nature and excel at telling a visual story on websites with their expertise in graphics and other images. Website developers don’t have to be as creative when designing websites as their expertise fall into programming and planning the layout of the website.

Sometimes web developers and graphic designers can overlap their skills but they are usually for the most part extremely different people when it comes to their skills in designing websites. Graphic designers can make themselves more valuable in regards to web design careers by learning some basic coding, while web developers learn some basic design skills to become more complete web designers.

Graphic designers and web developers both play an important role in web design. The graphic designer serves as the creative side of any web design project. Without a graphic designer a website would just be comprised of code and no graphics and while it might be functional, it wouldn’t be very pretty to look at. The graphic designer’s role includes a large deal of client collaboration so that they understand and can properly display the client’s objectives for their website. The designer does this by taking the client’s objectives and turning them into visual concepts on their website.  The graphic designer then gives their images to the web developer to incorporate into the website.  This is the step in the process where they work hand in hand.

The web developer has a role that includes setting up the structure and foundation of the website and is also responsible for database interaction to create various pages and functionality on the website.

If your still not sure which camp you fit into, check out the infographic below by Ascend Training that can help you figure out which camp you are more suited for. There is a median pay for graphic designers in the United States of $44,150 and a total of 259,500 jobs.  Compare that to the median pay for web developers at $62,500 with 141,400 total jobs. The job outlook for graphic designers is expected to increase at a rate of 7% where the job outlook for web developers is expected to increase at 20%.

As you can see the job outlook for web developers looks more promising than for graphic designers at the moment. More and more graphic designers are starting to learn code so that they can have more skills when it comes to finding a job doing web design. Graphic designers who can learn to code is better for both the graphic designers and the companies that employ them. Learning how to code makes the transition from Photoshop to HTML much easier for graphic designers. This also allows for better communication between graphic designers and web developers during the stage in which they work together. This also allows for designers to make some changes on their own without having to consult with developers. My question for graphic designers out there is do you know how to code, and if not are you going to take any action in learning to code?

So You Want To Make Websites?

 Source: Ascend Training

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