10 Creative & Clever Print Ads

A print ad design can be really effective and can catch your eye. Have a look at these 10 creative and clever print ads.

Nowadays, advertising agencies are trying really hard to win clients and they have to be very witty and creative when they are creating ads. It is extremely difficult to come up with a great idea so the brand or a product is presented well and grabs the attention of the audience. This selections of 10 creative ads show how clever the creative mind can be. Which one you like best?


Rolling Stone Magazine: Our Belief

This ad was done by DLV BBDO Advertising Agency is from Milan, Italy. A true example of using a well-known image to show the nature and belief of the Rolling stone magazine.


Amnesty International – Anti Torture: Iggy Pop

This piece was done by Air Belgium for their recent campaign. The statement here is “Justin Biebe is the future of rock ‘n’ roll”. It is a very controversial print ad as the Iggy Pop image was used by Amnesty International without his explicit permission. Eventually, the organization has apologized to Iggy Pop and they said that they wanted to raise awareness about the torture. Clearly the message here is that if you torture a man, he will tell you anything just to stop the pain.

Greek Heroes

Penguin Audio Books: Greek Heroes

A wonderful print campaign for Penguin Audio Books from Y&R Beijing. It features the classic illustrations and drawings from well-known books with the famous penguin that is given the important task to capture this classic moments and stories.


Land Rover: Land Rover – Snout Beetle

Another clever print ad piece created by Y&R Midwest focusing on the idea of the luxurious Land Rover which the only vehicle that give the driver the opportunity to explore not so popular and known places. This series of posters show exotic features from different distant locations smashed against the windshields of the vehicle with a small description of the places where the creatures are from.

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Come as you are

Virgin radio: Come As You Are

H&C Leo Burnett has created this clever print ad for Virgin Radio featuring the lyrics from the very popular song by Nirvana to raise awareness of the issue with piracy on the Internet


Keloptic: Impressionism

Created by Y&R Paris, this ad for Keloptic uses a creative approach to advertise the product.


Volkswagen Adaptive Cruise Control ACC: Manslaughter/Mans laughter (Campaign: Distance)

A clever use of the English words in these print ads created by Grabarz & Partners Hamburg for Volkswagen. The statement of the ad is “The right distance makes all the difference” which is creatively reflected in the use of the words “manslaughter” and “mans laughter”.


Kingston USB 3.0 1TB: Hippo-Zebra

A brilliant work here. Advertising the Kingston USB 3.0 1TB, the authors use a photo manipulation of a zebra and hippopotamus to show that their product is “expectably big yet suprisedly speedy”. Created by Havas Worldwide Taiwan.


TAM Airlines: Eiffel

Y&R Sao Paulo are the creators of this ad. The piece uses a graphic approach to show the well-known Paris symbol from the bird’s eye view to advertise Tam Airlines.

No White Marks

Sure Mens: No White Marks

DLKW Lowe, London came up with this ad during the Football World Cup and they are using an image of a referee drawing a line with a spray to show the football players where to stand. The statement here is “Some cans leave white marks Sure doesn’t. A very clever approach to advertise the global deodorant brand Sure.

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