20 Pop-Up Designs for Inspiration

Pop-Up or Overlay box messages have been exploited in design for very long time. There is even an ongoing debate whether pop-up messages are good for the site owners and their visitors. General opinion from the users is that they are annoying and interrupt you while browsing. On the other hand, most site owners will tell you they work for various purposes including promoting services and products or just collecting email addresses for newsletters.

In an article, recently published on Vertical Leap, Wez Maynard explains the pros and cons of using pop-ups and also shares a recent announcement from Google whose next update in January will penalize sites that are using pop-ups on mobile devices.

It’s funny how some marketing strategies stand the test of time. Despite breaking almost every user experience (UX) best practice, pop-ups remain one of the most popular methods of generating leads from online traffic.
Wez Maynard

If you decide to use such a promotional method, I would advise you to be careful and do not annoy your visitors. Most importantly, together with the behaviour of the pop-up, it is very important how you will design your overlay message. Having a great and eye-catchy design will make your visitors interested and actually read what you have to say and not searching for that close button right away.

Speaking of design, I would like to offer you a list of great pop-up designs that can be very inspiring and help you create or revise a wonderful overlay message for your website.


Add Location UI

By Vadim Lobodin


Call Pop-Up

By Christian Ong

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Refreshing Thank You Modal

By Mark Unger


Create New Task UI

By Patryk Wąsik


Flock 2.0 – Invite Team Members

By Paresh Khatri


Friend Request Pop-Up

By Minh Killy Le


Hey Guy Modal

By Andriy Yurchenko


Inspiration Quotes Pop-ups

By Anuraj KR


Pop-Up Infographic

By Patryk Wąsik


Medical App Pop-Up

By Ghani Pradita


Monster Alert Pop-Up

By Vasil Enchev


New Books Pop-Up

By Tomatree


Payment UI

By Lingjun


Petcare Modal

By Goutham


Product Pop-Up

By Patryk Zabielski


New Collection Pop-Up

By Evgen


Sign Up Modal

By Regy Perlera


Pre-order Pop-Up

By Carl Hauser


Touch ID and trackpad Integration Concept

By Marin Begović


Appointment Pop-Up

By Cvijovic Zarko

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