5 Gum – Stimulate your senses

The English photographer Saddington Baynes worked with Energy BBDO agency to create the visuals for Wrigley’s – 5 Gum. They wanted to focus and illustrate the real strong taste of the gum and they have chosen the iris to do it so. The iris is reworked the kaleidoscopic effect is implemented. Have a look at the artwork below and also you can watch the making of this great campaign.

 5 Gum - Stimulate your senses

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5 Gum - Stimulate your senses


5 Gum - Stimulate your senses


5 Gum - Stimulate your senses

Here is what Saddington Baynes says about the campaign:
With its slick packaging and innovative flavours, 5 Gum continues to gain momentum in the sugarless-gum category. We partnered with Energy BBDO in Chicago to create this visual extravaganza for FMCG brand, Wrigley’s. The campaign visually equates gum chewing to intense super-human qualities. The themes are in line with their flavour, two of which are explored in these ads, ‘Cave’ and ‘Humanoid’. The concept needed to represent the hyper-real sensation induced by the different gum’s, allowing them to “get to know the unknown.

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