9 UX Sites and Blogs to Read Regularly

9 UX Sites and Blogs to Read Regularly

During the last of couple of years UX design became really important and consequently many UX sites and UX blogs appeared, making it difficult for designers and developers to extract the most relevant ones to read religiously.

These blogs are beneficial for creatives not only of the fresh regular content they publish but also for their extremely useful archive. If you have some spare time, you might be pleasantly surprised to read through their archive and find very interesting and valuable articles.

Here is the selection:

Usability Geek

Created more than 5 years ago, Usability Geek started as a personal hobby of the UX consultant Justin Mifsud. It focuses on the practical side of UX with recommendations on how to improve website usability. During the years, the blog has evolved beyond usability to offer information to UX, Human Computer Interaction and Information Architecture.

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Inspire UX

A very useful blog by Catriona Shedd (Director of Product Design at Salesforce) who has more than 6 years of experience in UX design. As the name suggests, the articles on this blog aim to inspire practitioners to become better at designing user experiences.

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UX Booth

This site is again for the UX community, consisting of beginners to intermediate user experience and interaction designers. You can join it to discuss best practices and trends or just share your experiences.

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Whitney Hess – Pleasure & Pain

Whitney is an Empathy Coach helping creatives make better decisions in serving their people. She has spent more than 10 years working as a user experience designer and now she is focused on providing empathy-based philosophy and practices to coach leaders and organizations.

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UX Mastery

This site is both for just starting UX designers and for ones that are already working as ones but strive to be better. There is also a community blog where everyone can ask questions and get answers.

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UX Movement

A blog focused on content which shows the good and bad in interface design. All articles are based on research, experiences and reasoning.

Don’t struggle alone with projects

Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

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UX Magazine

Working closely with practitioners and industry leaders, UX Magazine provides useful content for the community of designers, exploring all facets of user experience design.

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A List Apart

A thorough exploration of the design, development and meaning of web content. Focused on web standards and best practices, A List Apart is a valuable source for web designers and developers.

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Usability & User Experience @ Smashing Magazine

The established design and development blog provides valuable information in Usability & User Experience section. You can read about best practices in UX and dive into case studies, ideas and useful tips.

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Do you know a useful UX design blog? Leave a comment below, so I can add it to this list.

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  1. Joe Marker says:

    Really? Some of these sites are HARDLY EVER updated…AND all of the links (except the first) are invalid URLs (check your hrefs)…

    • designify says:

      Hey Joe,
      Some of these sites have useful information even though they are not up to date. Thanks for pointing out the issue with links. Fixed now :)))
      All the best and thanks for stopping by,

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