Best Print Ads of the Week – July 06

What are the best print ads for this week? Check them out and choose your favourite…

The selection of the best print ads for this week is coming from Corinna Falusi who is a chief creative officer at Ogilvy and Mather Advertising in New York.

Corinna is an award winning chief creative officer with a great deal of experience in creating campaigns for Global, American and Pan-European brands.

During his time in Ogilvy and Mather Advertising, Corinna has led some of the most successful work for popular brands, including Ikea, Spotify, Coca-Cola, Fanta and many more…

Let’s have a look at the best of outdoor and print ads.

Best Print Ads of the Week

Puffin Audiobooks

Corinna’s favourite is the ad for the Puffin Audiobooks. According to her, “This is about literature and technology. This could easily have been really dry, but it’s very well crafted and shows that the brand has a sense of humor.”


Client: Puffin Audiobooks / Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai / Country: India

We Save Lives: Cyclist

Bravo/Y&R Miami agency presented people and animals crossing a street covered in smoke and thus becoming an easy target to get hit by a car. The agency wanted to show how dangerous is to smoke and drive.


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Client: We Save Lives / Agency: Bravo/Y&R Miami / Country: USA

Surf Shack: Salt Heals Wounds

Surf Shack is a surf and outreach programme. The client wanted to communicate how the organization helps children to stay away and overcome drugs and gansterism through surfing. Y& South Africa decided to tell their stories from tragedy to triumph. The main idea was to use visuals of the children which will evoke empathy but still to protect their identity.

The children was photographed in a close and personal manner. Then the type was designed to expose the visuals just enough so the viewers can see the eyes of the children.

This campaign is created to explain what Surf Schack is doing and also attract new donors and volunteers.


Protex Antibacterial Soap: Protex & Play

Created by Young & Rubicam / Red Fuse NY this campaign aims to magnify and expose the amount of bacteria present in objects which are usually regarded as harmless. Plastic blocks and soccer balls are used to illustrate that. Objects which are touched by children every day.


Client: Colgate Palmolive / Agency: Young & Rubicam / Red Fuse NY / Country: United States of America

Philips: Bedroom

Ogilvy and Mather Brasil created this ad for Philips. The agency wanted to show that there is no way out for dust with Philips compactGo vacuum cleaner.


Client: Philips / Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Brasil / Country: Brazil

Multiple Sclerosis Society WA: Maddy’s story

Multiple Sclerosis is an illness that affects people from various ages. When talking about it, there is a huge challenge to get across how different each experience might be.

The Brand Agency (from Perth, Australia) conducted series of interviews with people affected by MS and living with it and shared their stories.

Artists were asked to bring these stories to life using their own interpretation. Doing this, they created a visually appealing campaign that dramatizes the personal journeys of every person living with MS and how Multiple Sclerosis Society WA can help them.


Client: Multiple Sclerosis Society WA / Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth / Country: Australia

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