Branding Bad by Jeremy Loyd

Branding Bad is a design experiment in which a logo is created for each of the eight final episodes of the hit AMC television show Breaking Bad. Each logo uses the episode name.  Branding Bad was  created as a fun side project by Jeremy Loyd, a designer from Dayton, Ohio.

Have a look to some of the logos:

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The Series Finale. Aired 9-29-13.



Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion. Aired 9-22-13.



Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances. Aired 9-15-13.



Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways. Aired 9-8-13.



An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything. Aired 9-1-13.


See all the logos – brandingbad



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