Creative Focus: Robert Romanowicz

Today I would like to introduce you the talented and creative illustrator Robert Romanowicz whose work is beautiful, colourful and captivating.

Born in Milicz, living in Wroclaw, Poland, Robert is now working as an architect. He has graduated in parallel from Wroclaw Univeristy of Technology and from The School of Advertising “Creo”.

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He claims that it was mainly architecture that shaped his graphic look of art and his enthralling paintings are resulting from years of experimenting with media, research and usage of different expression methods. All of these factors contributed to his unique and recongnizable style.

His works have been exhibited in tradional galleries and he is also featured in many well-known online gallery websites.

The following selection of works is just a small part of his incomparable talent. Have a look at his illustrations below.


Theater performance for children. Directed by Robert Jarosz at Wroclaw Puppet Theatre Premiere.


Big white bear




Flying pig


Donut and coffee


Camarero Diego


Amigos cosmicos




Pequena casa


La máquina del volar

Learn more about Robert @ talenthouse.

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