Creative Focus: Stefan Chinoff

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There is a tradition on Designify which I enjoy the most and this is the time when I am searching for great designers to inspire me and you as well. Today, I would like you to meet Stefan Chinoff from Plovdiv, a very beautiful and arty city in Bulgaria.

Stefan is an illustrator, designer and typographer and he has a flair for letterforms. He has worked for clients like the BBC, Wired Magazine, the BBC, Nike, Mountain Dew and many others.

His letterforms are very distinctive and uncommon, they are expressive, unique and very stylized. He loves to explore and he is inspired by his curiosity. He is also not afraid of making mistakes and it may sound trivial but he learns from them. The surprising thing about him is that he hasn’t got a proper design education but on the other hand, this is probably what makes him so good and exceptional as he is pure in his creative process and work.

He likes to experiment and he combines 3d modelling, photography and illustration in his work. He loves to go with the flow when he creates his pieces and prefers to create a truly dynamic work.  He also has a great sense of color and his color works are just amazing.

Have a look at some of his works and if you want to see more of them or just contact him, visit his site @

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