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Jongmin Kim’s last project is called “Form Follows Function” is an amazing place for interactive experiences.  You can see how Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is drawn thought HTML5 code, a can of Campbell soup is rotated with your mouse,  you are planting trees with signle click,  you can drag the “Raining men” to the left or to the right, also you can see a big flip clock couting the seconds, and a  wiper typography on your screen. Jongmin Kim experiements with HTML5 are breathtaking and truly insirational. We are 100% convinced that this is the future of the website and mobile apps design. Have a look at “Form Follows Function” and you will be blown away.


Form Follows Function








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Jongmin Kim worked as a senior interactive designer / developer for over six years in South Korea.
During that time, he successfully worked on projects for celebrated clients such as Samsung and LG.
He has received multiple awards, including the Red Dot award, the IF award, the FWA award and the Webby award.

He always tries to “pursue a minus design rather than plus designs” and keeps in mind that “form follows function.”
His style is minimal and clean, using the golden ratio and interesting typography.
His portfolio website, which received the FWA award and was nominated for the Webby award, reflects his approach to design.

At Firstborn Multimedia in New York, Jongmin Kim is a senior developer working on Cadillac, Sony and Pepsi.

More about Jongmin Kim.



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  1. langer boris says:

    The Famous Painting „The Scream“ is not by Gustav Klimt but from Edvard Munch.

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