Freelance Success: 6 simple tips to uplift creativity

Working as a freelancer designer can be very boring as you spend a lot of days alone and it very important not to lose creative spark. These 6 simple tips will give you an idea how to maintain your superior creative shape.

Tip#1 – Allow yourself time to generate ideas

Idea generation should be on your to do list especially at times when you do not have any projects. Let’s face it, you cannot call your creativity whenever you want. There are times when idea strikes immediately but not always. You should nurture your creativity on a regular basis and allow some time to challenge yourself.

Tip#2 – Go outside

Sitting in the studio or at home can be really boring at times. Working between four walls everyday can affect your creativity and as a freelancer you should not forget that you have the freedom to choose where to work. You can work outside in the park, go to your favourite coffee shop or allow yourself a quiet afternoon in the local library. You can even go abroad. Why not?

Tip#3 – Try something new

Working in your comfort zone also has an impact on your creativity. You are getting used to what you are doing and probably sink into a rut. Think about trying something new, something that you have never done before. For example, you can take a photography class or video editing, or even attend a crash course in 3D Design.

Tip#4 – Take a break

The moment you find out that you are working from project to project and even some projects are overlapping you will probably realize that your creativity suffers. If you feel a bit burnt out, feel free to get some time for yourself. Take a break from your projects to recharge you creative batteries.

Tip#5 – Cut the brief to the basic stuff

Usually, when you are doing a new project you want to have as much information as possible in the brief. On the other hand, maybe it is better sometimes to cut some information and leave only the basics. Too much information can influence you in a way you do not want. Cutting the unnecessary stuff will help you find the originality in the idea.

Tip#6 – Go against the flow

If cutting the unnecessary stuff does not help you, try something else. When you receive the brief, start doing the project the other way around. This means to do the opposite to what you and other designers would usually do. This might not be the direction you will eventually choose but it might help you think outside the box and get away from the cliché scenarios.

Maintaining high creativity level is a tough job for a freelance designer so it very important that you have some time to generate ideas. Get some rest, change you work environment or try something new. Strive for variety and you will be in your best creative shape.

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