Jeff Huang – Imagination and Precision

Today, we would like to show you the beautiful work of Jeff Huang. He is a New York based multidisciplinary freelance Art Director and Illustrator and he specializes in Photo Editing, 3D, Creative Design and Abstract Art. He works professionally in the field of Digital art for more than 10 years and he has done amazing work for many well-known companies and different publications.  He is known to the public and clients for his creative imagination, perfect eye for detail, precise skills and genuine technique.

Take a look at this selection of projects (for clients and personal ones).

Jeff Huang - Incrashable Dakota - Macmillan PublishingClient: Macmillan Publishing;

Description: Book cover created for a sci-fi novel entitled “Uncrashable Dakota.”


Client: 02

Description:Illustration to promote 02’s new “Hot Shot” wifi device. Main attractions featured in the illustration are from Southern Ireland.



The New York Observer

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Description: A series of cover illustrations created for The New York Observer, a popular paper in the city.




Client: Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Description: Tutorial made for Advanced Photoshop Issue 64. This pro level tutorial covers my process of photo-manipulation with 3D integration.




Client: Personal, Desktopography

Description: A personal piece inspired by a unreal love relationship. Also serves as a submission for Desktopography 2008.




Client: Personal

Description: Created for my management’s promo package – it serves as a “self-portrait” interpretation. Created strictly in Photoshop.



Inspired by Surrealism and artists like Salvador Dali, “Fragments” is a short 3D animation, which takes the viewer through a journey through notions of the subconscious mind. The protagonist’s expedition begins when he is transported to an unknown and surreal environment. As he explores this unknown world, he finds himself walking through the sands of time and memory until he arrives at a mysterious monument. Upon curious interaction with it, the protagonist becomes one with the monument and is shatter into fragments – fragments of time and memory.

If you want ot see more of  Jeff Huang’s work, you can visit his website:

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