MTV 100% Italian Hits Motion Graphic

This great piece of motion graphics has been created for 100% Italian Hits program on MTV that traces the history of the most famous and great Italian hits. The channel asked for a motion graphic opener in a low poly style using a distinctly iconic features that will show the evolution of musical players in the last 50 years. The spot shows a lovely colour evolution of music devices. Have a look at the spot below.

MTV 100% Italian Hits

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MTV 100% Italian Hits

MTV 100% Italian Hits

MTV 100% Italian Hits

MTV 100% Italian Hits



Mtv 100% Italian Hits from christripes on Vimeo.

– Direction: Ditroit
– Art Direction: Salvatore Giunta
– Design: Salvatore Giunta, Cristian Acquaro
– Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Compositing: Salvatore Giunta
– Animation: Cristian Acquaro
– Music and Sound Design: Smider
– Client: MTV Milano Design Studio
– Creative Direction: Lorenzo Banal
– Art Direction: Luca Dusio

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