Noomeci Character Concept by Chantelle Basson

Chantelle Basson is a digital artist with a flair for a detailed, inspirational and imagitive work. She finds pleasure in seeing a concept take shape from a sketched out thumbnail into a fully rendered final product.

Here is what inspires her:

“My inspiration comes from the vast cultures, believes, legends and most importantly the various animals and natural environments from our world.  I also like to play a variety of games for inspiration as well. I’m fascinated by the character and environmental designs, and how a game uses art principles to enhance the overall feel and mood of the game. It is with these inspirations that I’m able to create exciting and innovative concepts for my characters, stories and service assignment.”







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Chantelle Basson about Noomeci character: “A personal project of mine, the Noomeci persona represent everything I believe, my ideals and what I stand for as a person as well as an artist. So to me this is a very important project as it reminds me who I am.”

More about Chantelle:

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