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Have you ever had a situation such as passing a stranger and wondering what they thoughts, aspirations or dreams are?

I often think about other people when I am travelling somewhere or sitting in a café. Sometimes I also pass an interesting looking person and wonder what the story behind the person is.

Nora and Arie from London, who run a production company called Curious Beings, also had such thoughts as they started an ongoing series of 60 second video postcards which aim to capture the inspirational and powerful message from regular people from all over the world.

The idea about Human Postcards project was conceived while they were working in London and they passed by a guy in a human billboard costume advertising a golf store. Nora and Arie were both curious what the man was thinking as he was passed by thousands of people every day. They wondered how to capture his story in a media format that will make all these busy people to have a look at and enjoy, and eventually change their perception of him.

This is a project which is growing from just showing just stories of unnoticed people to intimate manifesto of each person filmed as a human postcard.

I would like to think that such explorations aim to make us a bit more aware of the ones around us. Being busy and focused on our own lives is not an excuse for not noticing others as everyone has stories, lessons and dreams to pass to the others. It is good to be heard and hear the others… just for 60 seconds…

(#30) WOLFGANG – Clockmaker

Take 60 seconds to meet Wolfgang, an Austrian clockmaker. With passion and patience he has brought an old clock-museum back to life, one clock at a time. Now the museum resonates with the happy ticking of over 1600 clocks.

(#18) GEORGE – Designer

George is 10 and lives in a small town in New Zealand. In his spare time, he designs “Cool Stuff for Boys” made from recycled materials, which he sells online to customers around the world.
George shares how he believes his designs are helping to make a better world. (PS: He screen prints himself!)

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(#4) KIM – Kiwi Ranger

Kim is a Kiwi ranger and manager of the West Coast Wildlife Centre. She plays a major role in helping grow the numbers of one of New Zealand’s most endangered birds. Kim shares with us an insight into her unique work hatching and nurturing baby Kiwi chicks.

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