Want a great portfolio? Try Creative Volunteering!

Want a great portfolio? Try Creative Volunteering!

Starting freelancers and graduating creative students (at least some of them) have something in common. And that is not so exciting portfolio.

Not everyone succeeds in finding clients with interesting projects which will spice up their portfolio. Sometimes, it is a bit of a struggle to have find and work on these WOW projects to show prospective clients if you are a freelancer. For graduating students from creative schools, it also can be an issue to have just the school projects.

Companies looking for creatives are more likely to hire a graduate student who has, as they say it, a real-life experience as the latter means that the student is prepared and has a taste what is like to work with real clients, following real deadlines and dealing with real project issues.

Just starting freelancers also may run into problems when trying to convince clients to hire them. The problems range from not enough projects to not so exciting ones.

How volunteering can be good for you?

Some people donate money. Others donate skills, free time and creative ideas.

If you want to be of the latter, you might consider helping organizations around the world with your creative flair and donate some of your free time. By doing it so, you will get some great projects to put in your portfolio and actually helping people as a designer.

Change the world through online volunteering

Online Volunteering is the website of The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme where everyone can contribute to sustainable human development through volunteerism worldwide.

Organizations and volunteers are connecting to address sustainable development challenges and you can work from any location and any devices.

Here are some of the current project you can choose to work on:
> Design a web page to feature humanitarian podcasts
> Design of a logo and marketing materials
> Transform an innovative proposal into a graphic presentation
> Graphic Design and illustration of promotional materials
> Graphic Design for promotional materials

Don’t struggle alone with projects

Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

There are also opportunities for writers, translators and researchers.

If you feel like doing good and want to donate some spare time, do not hesitate to start working on a great project which you can add to your portfolio.

Good Luck!

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