jQuery.BlackAndWhite – Convert coloured images to B&W

This plug-in can easily convert any colored image into a B&W greyscale image. It uses the the HTML5 canvas tag and a fallback for the old browsers. There are three options to choose from – normal, hover effect inverted and ajax content.

You can easily implement it in your projects and achive classy look of your images.

jQuery.BlackAndWhite jQuery.BlackAndWhite

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 1 Include the plug into the page:

<script src="js/jQuery.BlackAndWhite.js"></script>

2 Set the image wrappers using the css:

.bwWrapper {

3 Initialize the plug in on window load (no $(document).ready()):

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hoverEffect : true, // default true
// set the path to BnWWorker.js for a superfast implementation
webworkerPath : false,
// for the images with a fluid width and height
// to invert the hover effect
invertHoverEffect: false,
speed: { //this property could also be just speed: value for both fadeIn and fadeOut
fadeIn: 200, // 200ms for fadeIn animations
fadeOut: 800 // 800ms for fadeOut animations
onImageReady:function(img) {
// this callback gets executed anytime an image is converted

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